TAB Manga: New Software to Create Manga and Anime

Rome, March 12th 2008 - The TAB Manga

Digital video is proud to announce the release of a new software belonging the TAB product family: the TAB Manga, a software designed to create mangas and animations from start to finish.

With the TAB Manga it is possible to draw characters and backgrounds, and use them to compose mangas -- by arranging panels and text balloons -- and animations -- by creating drawing sequences and moving elements around.

Characters and backgrounds can be drawn and modeled by using a wide range of drawing and modifying tools, and painted with any color, including textures, patterns and fancy styles. They can be arranged in four different overlapping layers to define the animation frames and manga drawings.

Animations can be created by setting different key positions -- including placement, size and rotation -- that are automatically interpolated to create movements. They can be completed with a sound track and exported in several formats: Flash format for publishing animations on Web-pages and blogs, QuickTime format for producing video clips; 3GP format to play animation directly on mobile phones and other portable devices.

Manga pages can be composed by adding panels where drawings and images can be placed, and balloons where text can be typed and formatted in any font and style. They can be easily rearranged and directly printed out, or exported as a portable PDF file that can be published on-line and easily e-mailed around.

Available for Windows and Macintosh, the TAB Manga includes a visual user guide in PDF format that guides the user step by step through the different software features.

The TAB Manga is available for free download at : it includes a 30-days trial period, with no limitations and no feature disabled, including loading, saving and exporting features.

If you wish to receive a copy of TAB Manga, please contact Fabiana at providing the shipment address.

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lerning animation

hi guys ! i don't know what to comment about but i wanna say that i desperately wanna learn to create anime nd manga or called animation . i saw many anime series nd i loved that i wish that i could be able to create such anime myself . can somebody help me out to tell me how to learn the creation of anime....