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Create Your Own Graphic Novel

Full colour graphic novel format throughout

ILEX is pleased to announce the release of Create Your Own Graphic Novel. Available from October 2006, this book is in a stunning graphic novel format – each page has been constructed and illustrated using the digital techniques that the book describes.

The graphic novel is a rapidly evolving art form that's gaining more and more respect. In recent years, its dynamic, full-colour illustrations and complex, action-packed story lines have grabbed the attention of movie moguls and mainstream publishers – and inspired hordes of budding artists and writers.

It's now easier than ever to create your own graphic novel – as this book shows. Time-saving home-computer technology has superseded traditional pen-and-ink techniques, while the Web offers an invaluable source of ideas and advice – and an easy way to present your work to a wider audience.

Create Your Own Graphic Novel teaches you how to translate your writing and drawing talents into digitally realized artwork in easy-to-follow steps. Better still, every page is presented in graphic novel format – so you'll have fun while you learn.


Mike Chinn has written numerous comic books, ranging from fantasy, through horror, to science fiction and superhero. He is a contributing editor to Dark Horizons magazine.

Chris McLoughlin's illustration credits include Green Lantern for DC Comics, Hunter: the Age of Magic for Vertigo, and Holmes: the Detective Monkey for Éditions Carabas.

Publication date: November 2006
Trim size: 235mm x 210mm
160 pages
Full colour graphic novel format
Price: £14.99
ISBN 10: 1-904705-90-1
ISBN 13: 978-1-904705-90-1

The Computer Cartoon Kit

Includes a free CD with hundreds of clip-art images

ILEX is pleased to announce the release of The Computer Cartoon Kit, available from August 2006.Whether readers are producing comic strips for their own amusement, to add graphics to a website or to liven up a company brochure, this book will be an invaluable resource – and a lot of fun.

Ever since the 1940s, cartoonists and legendary comic-book artists such as Jim Steranko and Jack Kirby have been cutting and pasting, photocopying and making collages in their work. In the wrong hands, this technique can leave comic strips looking repetitive and dull. However, with the advent of image-manipulation software, "found" images and stock poses can be used creatively in numerous different ways – with no need for scissors and glue.

The Computer Cartoon Kit CD includes over 100 cartoon images of people, places, and objects – with a selection of word balloons and blank comic-strip panels – that can be resized, manipulated and coloured quickly and easily to suit a multitude of purposes.There's even a fully functional 30-day trial version of Adobe's Photoshop Elements software to get readers started.

For those that can't draw, and don't have time to learn, they'll soon be able to produce professional-looking cartoons. For readers that can draw, this book will teach them to use the computer to further enhance their work.


Steve Marchant is a professional cartoonist who combines traditional methods and computer-generated imagery for a wide variety of clients. He teaches cartooning at libraries, schools and galleries across the UK and at City University, London. His previous book, The Cartoonist's Workshop, was published in 2004.

Publication date: August 2006
Trim size: 235mm x 210mm
128 pages
500 pictures
PLC binding with CD in clamshell
Price: £14.99
ISBN 10: 1-904705-86-3
ISBN 13: 978-1-904705-86-4

Manga Clip Art

Everything You Need to Create Your Own Professional Looking Manga Artwork

ILEX is pleased to announce the release of Manga Clip Art. Available from May 2006, this book uses step-by-step tutorials to help users create their own stunning manga characters for their own projects.

In recent years, manga has become an increasingly popular art form across the world, and today it is used in numerous media, from animation to advertising. Manga Clip Art will provide readers with all the elements they need to create their own ready-to-print, professional-looking, full-colour manga illustrations – even if they have no previous experience!

Users can use the high-resolution clip art to create their very own personalised artwork, and in next to no time they'll be developing their very own unique manga style. All the elements needed to get started are included on the CD, while the accompanying book not only explains in detail all the techniques required for readers to create, colour, and render their own stunning manga illustrations, but it also provides inspiration with numerous examples of the latest ideas in the genre – all from professional manga artists.

The files on the CD can be used to create literally thousands of different manga characters, and are suitable for all age groups.


Hayden Scott-Baron, better known as "Dock" to his fans, was always destined to create great artwork. Even before he got to college he was selling his own comic. Back then, of course, it was photocopied and sold for 10 pence. Now he runs a flourishing manga house, Sweatdrop Studios, which has given his work a global reach.

Publication: May 2006
h 235mm x w 210mm
128 pages
Hardback with CD
Full Colour throughout
350 pictures
Price £14.99
ISBN 1-904705-83-9