Pop Japan Travel's Gothic-Lolita Tour Adds Two Very Special Guests: Angelic Pretty Designers Maki And Asuka!

Pop Japan Travel and Dream Shoppe are pleased to announce the addition of two lolita icons to our Tokyo Darkside Gothic-Lolita Tour, the first ever tour of Japan just for lolitas. Maki and Asuka, the driving forces behind top lolita brand Angelic Pretty, will meet tour guests at the brand's boutique in Harajuku's La Foret department store, and help find the dress, skirt or accessory that's just right for you! There's never been a more intimate way to meet two of lolita's most influential figures on their home turf.

Taking place from April 11-18, the tour is the ultimate lolita trip, with shopping on Takeshita-dori and at La Foret in Harajuku, at Onejuku in Shinjuku and elsewhere. All the brand-name boutiques are here: Moi-meme-Moitie, Victorian Maiden, Angelic Pretty, h.NAOTO, Innocent World and more! We're also taking you to show off your style at the Christon Cafe, a Tokyo restaurant built in a classical European style that Mana is known to frequent, and at the lolita-staffed Alice in Wonderland restaurant in Shinjuku, where the appetizers come with a note that reads "Eat Me" and all the dishes are based on a character from Lewis Carroll's classic.

Normally photography inside La Foret is prohibited, but Pop Japan Travel guests will be able to take photographs of the Angelic Pretty boutique and with Maki and Asuka themselves, provided they make a purchase.

The package also includes PJT's acclaimed Tokyo tour, taking you from traditional sites to the hottest shopping districts: Akihabara, Ginza, Shibuya and more. Plus, since PJT's Fujoshi Paradise Yaoi Tour is running at the same time, you can also participate in its exciting activities, including a meeting with yaoi manga artist Makoto Tateno, if you choose! Fill out your stay with an optional retreat to Hakone, in the shadow of Mount Fuji, or take a free day for even more urban exploring.

The Tokyo Darkside Gothic-Lolita Tour costs $1,998 plus a $200 fuel surcharge and departs from Los Angeles International Airport. A land-only package to meet the tour in Tokyo is also available for $1,598. But hurry! Applications are due by March 3!


DIGITAL MANGA'S POP JAPAN TRAVEL is the original and premiere provider of pop culture themed tours of Japan. Since 2003, PJT has operated more than 15 tours with themes focused on Japanese anime, manga, games and more. Pop Japan tours offer a careful balance of the hyper-modern world of J-pop culture and the rich traditions of ancient Japan, and PJT is the ONLY tour agency to provide exclusive experiences such as visits to anime and game studios, meetings with manga artists, and more. Pop Japan Travel tours are organized in cooperation with IACE Travel, one of Japan's largest travel agencies.

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Wow, it would be quite an

Wow, it would be quite an experience.


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Ain't this nice. Too bad I

Ain't this nice. Too bad I find out about this just now. Maybe I'll know when the next tour is before it happens.
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