Intermixi Tours Announce Another Round of Details and Price Information about Upcoming Tours

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – December 21, 2007 –

Intermixi Tours is proud to announce another round of details and price information about our upcoming Neo-Tokyo and Kame Hame Kansai tours!

Rocketing through the land of the rising sun, these tours are sure to delight and amaze both old and new fans of Japanese pop culture and history. Intermixi's staff of dedicated and experienced travel staff are ready to blow your mind while blazing through Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo's most memorable sites. We are also excited to note that tour packages can now be combined into a longer mega-tour, ensuring your ability to enjoy as much as possible in the land of the rising sun.

The Kame Hame Kansai tour will focus on the historical side of Japan`s cultural capitals while embracing the modern and lively sites to be seen in and around Osaka and Kyoto. Castles, craters, pagodas, temples, parks, mountains, samurai, and some of the best food in Japan await you. At the height of cherry blossom season there won`t be a more charming and beautiful place anywhere else in the country!

The Neo Tokyo tour will allow you to experience the unbridled and unmatched complexity and variety of urban Tokyo. Witness culture centers like Asakusa and Shibuya, and prepare yourself for the anime, games, and electronics mecca of Akihabara! Exclusive to our Neo-Tokyo tour will be an intimate and up-close "Manga University" workshop coducted by the same company that brought you the "How to Draw Manga" series. Participants will have the opportunity to hang out with manga artists Atsuhisa Okura (author of "Moe USA" and creator of the 10-page manga that appered in the November issue of Wired magazine) and Saori Takarai (author of "Manga Moodss" and "Manga Sisters")

Did we mention you'll also get a chance to fight like a samurai warrior during our special Intermixi Samurai Dojo session?!

The full day by day breakdown of the tours will be available Christmas Eve, Monday, Dec 24th!