G-Collections Announces Adult PC Game Snow Sakura Release, Holiday Price Reduction

San Diego, California, Thursday, December 13, 2007

JAST USA affiliate brand G-Collections, the leading publisher of Japanese PC dating-sim games in English, today announced the immediate availability of Snow Sakura, the latest adult PC game for Windows computers.

Snow Sakura is the story of Yuuji, a young man sent to live in the snowy wilderness of northern Japan. As you, the player, get used to life surrounded by your tomboyish cousin Saki, your demure classmate Misaki, her scheming best friend Kozue, your cool senpai Rei, and your bumbling teacher Misato, warm bonds of affection begin to grow between you of a sort you've never felt before. But what is the mystery of the Snow Sakura, the tree that blooms even in the heart of winter? A timeless tale of humor, romance, and tender eroticism that's often compared to legendary games like Kanon, Snow Sakura is a unique multi-ending adult gaming experience from D.O., one of Japan's top dating-sim game companies. The game can be seen at http://jastusa.com/snow/

In conjunction with the release of Snow Sakura, G-Collections announced a $5 reduction in the game's list price, to $34.95, as a holiday gift for customers. This reduction applies to all existing preorders as well. JAST USA President Peter Payne said, "We wanted to show our appreciation to all fans who had expressed interest in this great erotic visual novel, and the price drop seemed to make a nice present for everyone from us. We're extremely glad at how the return of G-Collections to the English dating-sim game market has been received by fans, and we hope we're showing them, both through the great new titles we've been announcing and with the increased speed at getting releases out the door, that now is the best time ever to be an active fan of these unique games from Japan."

About Sex in Computer Games
The topic of sex in video games has increasingly been on the minds of people everywhere, as more and more consumers embrace video games as their favorite form of entertainment. With the average age of gamers at 33 years of age, it makes sense that computer games come to express stories that involve love and sex, just as television and mainstream movies do, and Japan's dating-sim games have been the most successful example so far of sexual themes in games being accepted by consumers. Adult PC dating-sim games have been enjoyed by a wide swath of fans of both sexes since the first English titles were released in the 1990s. In Japan, where PC games for adults have been sold for decades, such game titles make up approximately 25% of PC software sales in the country.

Ever since the first computers with color displays, Japan has had a strong culture of "love-sim" computer games, which simulate emotional and sexual
interaction between the player and various game characters. PC dating-sim games are often referred to "hentai" or "H" games by U.S. fans. JAST USA has been involved in licensing and translating Japanese dating-sim games since 1997, and is the leading producer and distributor of English-language PC games for adults in any form. The company has a catalog of over 50 English-translated games with every theme from maids to "cat girls" to fantasy RPGs. Game titles are available to retail customers via http://www.jastusa.com or for wholesale customers at http://www.pcrdist.com/.

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Disturbing topic

This is truly a disturbing topic. Japan can keep its sexual and interaction culture in videogames, but my kid won't be seeing none of this. My wife was playing some stupid game and there was sex involved with a Prelit trees. Imagine that! I even banned the sims videogame from the house, since he recently discovered a patch on the internet allowing him to see the sims interacting in sex scenes. And he's 14, think about it. Where is the world headed to?

Oh, the irony. In case you

Oh, the irony. In case you hadn't noticed, sex is pretty much a casual part of life. Most of these games focus on the emotional conections between the characters, the progression of their love lives. Eventually this ends up with sex, yes, but I ask you: What romance does not end up with sex? Your kid would have come to this world through such a method, no? To go scream 'omg there is sex in video games' even though there are hundreds of far more worse things on public television (ever watched the news? Murder death and destruction all over the place) is hypocrisy of the highest nature.