DrMaster Publications To Release Iron Wok Jan v25, Puri Puri v2, and Junk v3

topSan Jose, CA, July 2007. DrMaster has just announced the publication of Iron Wok Jan volume 25, the continuation of the popular series by author Shinji Saiyjo, Puri Puri volume 2 by Chiaki Taro, and Junk volume 3 by Kia Asamiya.

Iron Wok Jan v25
While Kou and Kiriko are sweating over their dish, attempting to add personality to the bland ostrich meat, Jan pulls out his secret weapon, the magic box. He hangs the meat inside the box and ... it does nothing! What is this box that turns the ostrich meat into black, then white, and back to red? Find out the secret behind Akiyama's magic!

Puri Puri v2
Masato Kamioda has somehow managed to survive the initial temptations of being the only male student at a divinity school brimming with blossoming young beauties. But it remains to be seen if he can suppress his burgeoning passions long enough to avoid the chasms of sin that keep opening before him along his road to priesthood. So far he has had only his desire for Ayano-chan to deal with, but more menacing temptations are in store for our pious little protagonist. The race is on as Kamioda has only two years left to complete a series of grueling trials before realizing his dream of becoming a priest.

Junk v3
After the surprising identity of the women in the white JUNK suit is revealed, Hiro saves the pop idol Manami and her fans from the ticking time bomb. Public opinion on the masked superman becomes more positive due to this incident and Hiro can finally enjoy his private life, or it seems. His secret crush Ryoko goes missing and Hiro can't find her even after using the JUNK suit's X-ray and thermograph search. Will he be able to rescue her in time?

The three titles are available now. Each one will be priced at $9.95.

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Iron Wok Jan volume 25
ISBN: 9781597960489
Price: $9.95


Puri Puri volume 2
ISBN: 9781597961028
Price: $9.95


Junk volume 3
ISBN: 9781597961097
Price: $9.95