Go! Comi Launches Wendy Pini's "Masque Of The Red Death" Webcomic

LOS ANGELES -- Manga publisher Go! Comi announced that the first installment of Wendy Pini's webcomic "The Masque of the Red Death" has gone live on its website, www.gocomi.com. Additionally, Go! Comi's website has been completely redesigned and enlarged, and now includes forums, a release calendar, and numerous other enhancements.

"Masque of the Red Death" is a science-fictional retelling of the classic Edgar Allen Poe horror tale. Pini describes the story as "a walk on the dark side," featuring strong Gothic horror, erotica, and intense romantic relationships with yaoi overtones.

Go! Comi Creative Director Audry Taylor points out that "Masque" is designed specifically for online viewing. "Unlike most web comics, which feature comic-book style paneling, each individual panel of 'Masque' is specifically laid out to be seen on a computer screen. It makes for a more cinematic viewing experience." Taylor adds that the comic will be completely reformatted when it appears as a series of graphic novels.

New installments of the story will be added on a weekly basis. Go! Comi will eventually publish "Masque of the Red Death" as a three-volume series of graphic novels.

ABOUT WENDY PINI: Wendy Pini is the creator of "ElfQuest," one of the most popular independent comics of all time, which celebrates its 30th anniversary next year. Together with her husband Richard Pini, who serves as co-writer and editor, she continues to create new ElfQuest material, most recently for DC Comics. Among her many side projects is a series of comics based on the well-loved TV series "Beauty and the Beast."

ABOUT GO! COMI: Go! Comi is known for the excellence of its manga series and top-notch production values. Among its publications are the Bookscan best-sellers Tenshi Ja Nai!! and Her Majesty's Dog, the Eisner Award-nominated After School Nightmare, and Cantarella, recently named one of the Young Adult Library Services Association's "Great Graphic Novels for Teens" of 2007.

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Was it worth any effort?

“Every piece of true art is erotic somehow, but not everything piece of erotic is a true art” - Wendy Pini’s Masque of the Red Death is a good example to this. Supposed to be a triumph of open-mindnessness it presents an absolutely unadorable couple on the foreground to follow their vain attempts to look and behave gorgeous. No gothic, no enjoyable erotism, no spirit of E.A.Poe in all this. gay community should be annoyed to watch their brothers portrayed this way. I foresee this project a huge commercial failure. Such life is. Put a flower on an artist's tomb and sing child a lullaby.