Go! Comi Announces Kamisama Kazoku, Other New Manga Licenses

June 30 2007 - Long Beach, CA - Go! Comi announced five major new manga licenses at its Anime Expo industry panel this weekend. Chief among these is KAMISAMA KAZOKU, the story of a high school student struggling to have an ordinary life and to romance the girl of his dreams, with one major problem: his interfering parents are gods! This shonen series is based on the highly popular anime from Toei, which aired last year in Japan.

The other four licenses are:

A WISE MAN SLEEPS, a mystery/fantasy series from Mick Takeuchi, creator of Go! Comi's best-selling "Her Majesty's Dog." It's the story of a mysterious jewel, a mysterious boy, and a girl whose hidden power is awakened by them both.

In A.I. REVOLUTION the daughter of a scientist finds herself surrounded on all sides by violent bishonen robots who she must teach to live -- and love -- like humans. This long-awaited series is a fan favorite.

ANGEL'S COFFIN by You Higuri, creator of Go! Comi's "Cantarella" (one of YALSA's "Great Graphic Novels for Teens" of 2007) is a standalone manga about a desperate girl who seeks the help of a god to capture the heart of the man she loves.

CY-BELIEVERS is the new series by Shioko Mizuki, creator of Go! Comi's highly popular "Crossroad." When Ryo's controlling father betroths her to a lecherous upperclassman, her only hope is a club of hot computer geeks!

ABOUT GO! COMI: Go! Comi is known for the excellence of its manga series and top-notch production values. Among its publications are the Bookscan best-sellers Tenshi Ja Nai!! and Her Majesty's Dog and the Eisner Award-nominated After School Nightmare.