Voice Actor Halko Momoi Live at Connichi 2007

The Connichi 2007 in Kassel, Germany is proud to announce that seiquu and singer Halko Momoi will perform live on this years Connichi.

Haruko "Halko" Momoi started as a singer of the girl-group "UNDER17". After the group parted in 2004 she began her solo career as seiyuu ("Soul Taker", "Nurse Witch Komugi-chan", "D.C. ~Da Capo~", "DearS", "Final Fantasy: Unlimited", "Paranoia Agent") and also as solo singer. She also writes j-pop songs, writes books, has her own radio show and is also an actress.

Halko will perform live on September 8 and September 9 on the Connichi in Kassel, Germany.

The Connichi 2007 will take place from Friday 7 to Sunday 9 September 2007 at the Kongress Palais in Kassel, Germany.

Halko Momoi at Plug Entertainment:

Homepage of Halko Momoi:


Q&A: presse@connichi.de

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Under 17

I believe Under 17 wasn`t a girl group.Under 17 was a duo containing Haruko Momoi and Masayo Koike,guitarist/composer and producer.