Connichi 2007: m.o.v.e. Performs for the First Time in Europe

AVEX famous J-Pop group "m.o.v.e" will perform this year on the Connichi for the first time ever. This will be also there first time performing in Europe.

m.o.v.e is a three person unit featuring: leader producer t-kimura, motsu (rap) and yuri (vocal). They made their debut on October 1, 1997 with their d├ębut song "ROCK IT DOWN". With this release, m.o.v.e tried their hand at underground style- mixing dance music with digi-rock taste. They showed motsu's quality as a rapper, yuri's strong and powerful vocal presence and t-kimura's unique approach to sound. That was the moment they established a view of their own world.

m.o.v.e came across the animation title "Initial D" and it has been sharing m.o.v.e's fate since 1998. When the anime version of "Initial D", a title strongly supported by driving enthusiasts, was created, m.o.v.e contributed the opening theme "around the world" and ending theme "Rage your dream". It is a well known fact that their songs fit so well with the anime that people thought the songs were prepared specifically for Initial D. The popularity of the animation "Initial D" took off, and in 2001 the movie edition of "Initial D" was created. m.o.v.e was in charge of its opening theme "Gamble Ramble," and the song reached number seven on the Oricon chart in Japan.

m.o.v.e's creative concept is unique. They have a policy to not create tunes belonging to one genre but instead concentrate on putting their feelings into each song. In 1999, they released a single featuring a mixed rock style called "PLATIMUM" Later they scaled up the style of this single to create their "J-LOUD" theme with two back to back releases including "PainlessPain" and "DECADANCE".

Their music is always an exploration of different influences and styles. For example, "Deep Calm" from 2003 finds no parallel elsewhere in the world- including not only digital feeling but also Celtic music, Baroque music, Gregorian hymns and so on. m.o.v.e displays enough seriousness and energy in each new venture to wipe out any preconception one might hold regarding them. m.o.v.e continues to explore and expand their repertoire and has a long discography marked by success.

m.o.v.e's latest album is entitled "GRID" and features singles such as "Freaky Planet", "Angel Eyes", and "Disco Time". To find out more about m.o.v.e and to purchase their material be sure to visit at....


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The Connichi is the biggest by fans organized Anime and Manga convention in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The convention will take place this year from September 7th to 9th 2007 in the Kongress Palais in Kassel, Germany. Over 12.000 visitors from all over Europe and Japan will be partying three days with guest of honours, voiceactors, dancegroups, etc. . The event is organized by the biggest association for Anime and Manga in Germany Animexx e.V.

This years sponsors are ADV Films, Ufa Anime, Anime Virtual and Nissin Foods.

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