"Street Fucker" - Full 3D Combat Action Game Released on DLSite.com

HERNDON, VA - March 21, 2007 - DLSite.com today announced the release of a fully localized, English version of full 3D combat action game "Street Fucker".

"Street Fucker" is a humorous, exciting and fun action game where your attack can destroy target female's clothing. When your target is down, you can make your target perform fellatio on you, have sex (There are 180 different ways to make love!), and do other tempting sexual activities.
Ultimately, you can make your target into a sex slave and do all kinds of crazy stuffs, such as making her do a limbo dance for you and embarrassingly showing you how she urinate!

In Survival Mode, there are 22 target girls. If you beat the boss, you can modify the girls to your likings.
There are 46 features you can customize on the girls, which include: hair color, head size, body shape and physique, shoulder width, bust, waist, thighs and hips.

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I just played this game

Alright, since there are no reviews about this particular game yet, I thought that I could make the first one myself! :-)

The gameplay in Street Fucker, well, to be honest... sucks, you have actions such as punches, kicks, blocks, and uh, ahem... sex moves right in the middle of the battle when you knock down your opponent chick for a brief moment, the animations are pretty choppy, and it's painfuly obvious that they were all done by hand, you won't see any motion captured moves anywhere in this game, the gameplay itself is pretty flat and is worse than your average 3D fighting game in your local videogame store, the ONLY cool thing about it is that you can make a nice sequence of punch and kick combos pretty easily. Once you defeat your opponent, you'll be able to have your way with her, the sex sequences and positions depend on the area that you just played in taking advantage of it's sorroundings, wich give a good variety of animations to enjoy looking at.

But once you unlock the goodies that Street Fucker has, believe me, it's AAAALL worth it, you can customize any of the girls that you fought with to your liking, or you can have them completly nude if you want! there are minigames such as the limbo, a torture chamber and a rope bondage room, these are pretty freakin cool because you will have the opportunity to abuse your chick in ways that you won't see in any other hentai game out there, you can move around the girls legs, thigs, hips and breasts in almost any direction that you like, and of course, what would be of a good 3D hentai game without a proper camera use? you can pan, zoom and rotate the camera to your liking at any given time during these minigames and the sex sequences as well.

I think that the graphics are half decent, not great, but not awful, just think about those 3D games that we were able to enjoy a little more than a decade ago, and you'll get an idea of how the graphics in this game look like...

Well, that's pretty much all I have to say about Street Fucker, is it worth to play it? yes, but NOT for the actual core of this game wich is the fighting, but for the extras that you can unlock eventually.