Pop Japan Travel Site Relaunch and 2007 Spring Tours

11/21/06 (Los Angeles, California) - Pop Japan Travel, established in 2003 by Digital Manga, Inc., is proud to announce its long-due site renewal, along with the showcase of the much-anticipated Spring 2007 tour schedule. The new site layout (www.popjapantravel.com), which boasts easier navigation and a much more attractive design, ushers in with it a new era for Pop Japan Travel. There are exciting things going on, and we are eager to bring them to you!

Pop Japan Travel is excited to be on the road of change towards new ideas and new experiences. Most of all, Pop Japan Travel aims to bring those new experiences to any and all that have an inkling to visit Japan and get a taste of its unique culture. From now, Pop Japan Travel will strive to include the most unique and special sites and activities into its tours that can’t be found on any other tour service to Japan. This means that it will not focus solely on anime and manga, but on every aspect of the intriguing pop culture you can find in the country. While you can already see this change taking effect on the general theme of Pop Japan Travel Tours, with upcoming tours like the Yaoi Bishonen & Boys Love Tour, the Gothic & Lolita Tour, and the Ultimate Ninja Tour, you can still find all of the exciting activities participants have enjoyed on past tours like trips to anime production studios, traditional sightseeing, and, of course, ample shopping in Tokyo's hottest areas like Akihabara, Harajuku, and Shibuya. Whether or not you're a Yaoi fan, or a Gothic & Lolita fan, or really like ninjas, you'll still have the chance to buy toys, manga, games, and other anime-related goods on any of Pop Japan Travel’s tours.

Pop Japan Travel most recently completed another highly successful tour this past September - the Endless Summer 2006 Tour. Participants enjoyed visits to Gonzo Studios and the Ghibli Museum, along with things like Kabuki, a viewing of Gedo Senki, shopping in Akihabara and Harajuku, and much more! And don't forget the live sumo match - a first for Pop Japan Travel. You can taste some of the excitement in popjapantravel.com's newly reorganized Tour Memories section.

So check out the new popjapantravel.com and find the tour that's right for you. Pop Japan Travel can promise you an exciting time in Japan and experiences you won't find on any other tour service anywhere in the world!

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