AnimeOnDVD Sold to, Forum Moves to vBulletin

According to an announcement from AnimeOnDVD (which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year) founder Chris Beveridge, AoD will be sold to

AnimeOnDVD is very much a community effort and I have a fantastic staff of volunteers who plug away at all manner of reviews and work within the forums. But at the end of the day, it comes down to what I can do with it. And I want to do a lot more with it which is why I decided to sell the site to the folks at who I’ve known for several years now. Working with them, I and the entire staff will be taking this site into their larger platform where we’ll be heading up their anime and manga platform.

Also, AoD has now switched its forum software from FusionBB to vBulletin.

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AnimeOnDVD gone forever. so not even 1/18th the awesomeness of AoDvd.... sigh, time to move onto another site :(

Hmm wow, just noticed their

Hmm wow, just noticed their "big change"...when did this happen? This week?