Shounen Magazine Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Canned Dogs (via Muhyojo) has news of Kodansha's plans for celebrating Weekly Shounen Magazine's 50th anniversary:

Issue 16
Collaboration power with Yabuki Jou and Makunouchi Ippo.
MAGAVIA50 where they have trivia about Shounen magazine and have past models appearing.

Issue 17
Kase Atsushi's Cameleon will also be returning in a remake by Mashima Hiro (Rave, Fairy tail), and Nishimoto Hideo will be having a collaboration manga will every single serialised author in Shounen Magazine that will last for two issues.

Issue 18
...New chapter of Kindaichi.

Issue 19
Terasawa Daisuke will be returning with a one-shot of Shouta no sushi

Issue 21/22 and 23
Ishigaki Yuuki returns with MMR and the world is doomed once again.