Media Factory Comic Flapper Celebrates 100th Issue

Media Factory's monthly manga magazine Comic Flapper is celebrating its 100th issue by relaunching the magazine with all-new content, featuring series from several famous mangaka in the next few issues:

March (100th) issue (2/5):

  • Starting:
    - Christie High-Tension (new story arc) by Kaoru Shintani
  • Ending:
    - Qwan by Aki Shimizu

April issue (3/5):

  • Starting:
    - One-shot by Masaomi Kanzaki

May issue (4/5):

  • Doujinshi of Shinji Ohara's Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief drawn by Iou Kuroda, Daisuke Igarashi, Tony Takezaki, Shimizu, and others.

June issue (5/2):

  • Starting:
    - Sukopero by Tetsuro Kasahara
    - One-shot by Hiroaki Samura and Shimizu

Via: ANN