Dark Horse Updates Status of EDEN

Dark Horse editor Philip Simon has posted an announcement regarding the current status of Hiroki Endo's manga EDEN, which came close to being canceled by Dark Horse last year.

According to the announcement, although EDEN will be released at a slower pace, Dark Horse has decided to release the manga up to volume 12 (for now):

I just got the "green light" to proceed with production on EDEN volumes 11 and 12 -- meaning that things are moving slower in EDEN's endless world -- but things are still moving. All the great press and fan support this past year helped -- no, was KEY in getting another three volumes (10, 11, and 12) going -- I'm going to continue to push -- please continue to get the word out. EDEN being named WIZARD MAG's BEST MANGA OF 2007 helped. All the great press helped.

Source: MangaCast