Korean TV Drama Suspected of Plagirizing Eden no Hana

After its 5/31 debut on the Korean channel MBC, many viewers have pointed out uncanny similarities between the plot of the Korean TV Drama "One Fine Day" and the infamous Eden no Hana by Yuki Suetsugu (which in turn plagirized other series such as Slam Dunk), leading to the accusation of the show plagirizing the plot of Eden no Hana.

Seoulnavi Pictures, the producer of One Fine Day, cleared the misunderstanding by explaining the full story behind this incident.

The original plan was to base the TV series on Eden no Hana, and a deal had already been sign between the Korean and Japanese companies (there were only minor edits to the plot due to the demands of the Korean television studio).

In an unfortunate turn of events, Eden no Hana and its mangaka was found guilty of plagirizing other manga, leading to the series' cancellation by Kodansha.

No longer able to base its story on Eden no Hana, the Korean TV series was facing a crisis. After discussing the matter with its Japanese partner, the producer of One Fine Day decided to make extensive changes to the plot of the already finished script.

Seoulnavi Pictures states that the TV series' plot development and ending will be different from Eden no Hana's, and asked its viewer to please wait for and enjoy the upcoming plots.

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Just curious...what is the

Just curious...what is the plot of these 2 series?

Eden no Hana is a manga

Eden no Hana is a manga drama about an unhappy girl in his foster family meeting bunch fo energetic kids or something? o.o; how can that be plagerizing Slam Dunk and REAL? o.o;;; Of course I've never read Eden no Hana so I wouldn't know, but the genre and story seems so completely opposite from those basketball series...

Eden no Hana plagerized the

Eden no Hana plagerized the art\poses of characters from those series. I don't have a link on me, but a simple search should turn up the comparison pictures...

Actually she only took those

Actually she only took those poses for the side story of Eden no Hana. It's kind of pity to see volumes of great manga being slaughtered by one chapter side story...

i though the author

i though the author plagarised art from Slam Dunk & Real for her new series...and thus both publications have been stopped.

I'm a big fan of Eden no

I'm a big fan of Eden no Hana, and didn't even know it was slated to come to N. America.

I'm kinda disappointed to learn it's been pulled from being published here now =(

I think she plagiarized some

I think she plagiarized some volley poses for the new serie, I'm not sure about it though. But the one in eden no hana was only in the side story. I would think that they would simply scraped out the side story... but since it's a 'punishment'...

As for "punishment", I'd say

As for "punishment", I'd say it hurt the fans more since they will never ever see the end to this series they have been following. Although I don't follow Eden no Hana, I feel for them since there are other series I had followed which were cut off before concluding satisfactorily. This happens so often in manga. It's terrible for the fans, especially for a series that spans years then get cancelled. (i.e. Yami no Matsui, Glass Mask, etc.)

Glass Mask isn't

Glass Mask isn't cancelled...>_>

It's on..*hiatus*..juts like X...>_