Death Note Connected to Murder in Belgium? is reporting that notes with the message "Watashi wa Kira desu" ("I am Kira") were found near the scene of a murder in southern Brussels last week. According to the report, "local police have launched a murder investigation and that they consider it unlikely that the notes were left there coincidentally [...] Translated versions of "Death Note" are available in Belgium, where the comic is popular among young people."

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Wolf hunter? you got to be

Wolf hunter? you got to be kidding me.

No I am not, and frankly,

No I am not, and frankly, you better hope this guy finds you before I do.

Are you threatening me?

Are you threatening me?

Damn right, and that's the

Damn right, and that's the tip of the Iceberg: I am going to find out who you are, and I am going to expose you to the world as the criminal you are. I won't stop there, I am gonna catch the killer so I can be the hero.

By saying that I now know

By saying that I now know what you are, you are the kind of guy who will step on any toe to achieve fame and fortune. You think that everyone else is gonna take what you think you are entitled to and that when you see someone else who is willing to put their life on the line without wanting anything in return you make it seem they are a threat to your goal.

well just as we don't know

well just as we don't know that guy we don't even knoy you..i'ts the same thing...if u think he's "kira" fine prove have to suspect everyone at least 3% i say

well this wolf hunter is the

well this wolf hunter is the kind of person that hates to loose
so i think theres a chance he could be the killer...assuming that this "kira" is basing his acts on Death Note. so my suspicion of him just increased a little

Are you kidding me, this guy

Are you kidding me, this guy is a glory seeker not a psycho, the guy we're looking for, he's just starting this so he could be known as the skeptic who tried to prove me wrong.

He's probably a down and out

He's probably a down and out journalist or something.

Hey Wolf Hunter U bent een

Hey Wolf Hunter U bent een geestelijk gehandicapt groot mondvoorspellen het alle klootzakruk.

What the hell does that

What the hell does that mean?

He's not the belgium Kira,

He's not the belgium Kira, otherwise he'd knew that I called him a big mouth know it all asshole jerk.


YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!! I apreciate you clearing me but That was too much. this doesn't change anything.

Hey just be thankfull that a

Hey just be thankfull that a lynch mob isn't after you now.

well if he actually was the

well if he actually was the killer he wouldn't just let you know that he is...he would know that you trying to expose him

on the other hand if he was

on the other hand if he was really stupid ,which i think he's not,he would have biten that

what's your email adress I'd

what's your email adress I'd like to talk to you in private.

am not giving it to

am not giving it to're kira...haha just kidding...i don't feel comfortable giving my e-mail adress here

i really

i really don't...sorry...but...believe me...i would also like to talk to i said before i support you...and i like the way you think

look send me an email and

look send me an email and i'll send you a reply.

to what adress?

to what adress?

Got It

Got It

Huh.....I was thinking, this

Huh.....I was thinking, this "Kira" guy is obviously a phsyco.....he could be a mental hospital escapee. So maybe if we just look up so files on every mental hospital within, oh, say 60 to 90 miles of Brussels and check to see if anyone escaped. If someone had, then we should find out more about that person...if they were violent, what they were put into the hospital for in the first place, what their habit were.....but that's just one of my thoughts on what we should do.

I haven't thought of that,

I haven't thought of that, but you could be right, Se soltanto possiamo prendere un elenco delle fughe di ospedale psichiatrico passate nell'area di bruxelles potremmo poter mirare a Kira.

Umm....what's all that stuff

Umm....what's all that stuff at the end? I don't speak.....whatever that is.....o_O

itlaiano, you're gonna have

itlaiano, you're gonna have to understand it to find out what I said earlier

Is this right?

"If we only can take to a directory of the escapes of psychiatric hospital passages in the area of Brussels we could be able to aim Kira" is what you said, correct?

hey Hurracain Wolf...why in

hey Hurracain Wolf...why in Italiano?
and oh...i haven't been here in awhile...i wasn't at home
but am back..
that's an interesting theory the one that kyoda brought in


WOW I just read everything since i last posted and boy theres some crazy shit going on...This is super crazy!...Hey Huricane Wolf thumbs up to you!! It seems that you've been working really hard and I find that cool, and you wolfhunter...I just dont know what to say to your increadible stupidity! I really want to help you crack this case though Huricane Wolf :) So far it seems like it's going no where -in the last couple of posts- but I have a theory that "Kira" may be waiting and doing it in difrent time lapses, see my point of veiw. He kills...wait awhile -long while- tell it settles down kills again, it could be a way of throughing us off! Or hes just really insane and wanted to try killing. Hm the idea about being from an insane home, highly doughtable seeing as if he/she was they would most likely leave behind evedance. What I STILL don't get is why the hell sever the bodies what is the point in that, forensic science would help with it but...OH maybe he wanted to practice his forensic science studies on living beings?! Anyway that's preatty much all I can dish out hope i helped in some way atleast
Ja Ne


wow, SL, you seem to be extremely dedicated to this forum! i too was saddened by that fact that "Imperfect" stopped posting.... but at least we have another intelligent person to post... YOU!
if you have any more thoughts or opinions on the Belgian manga murder (or facts) i would love for you to send them to my E-mail if you want. my E-mail is;


on my last message I said

on my last message I said Target not aim, other than that the rest of it is accurate

I've been looking

I've been looking everywhere, but I can't find even a list of mental hospitals in Brussels!.....Has anyone else found anything yet? I'm going to keep looking.....

Even if do do trace this

Even if do do trace this Fake-Kira down all of lives are in danger! I mean if this psychopath finds us we're all seriously in over our heads. But on the other hand the Fake-Kira must be stopped. If he murders again and it's more mainstream than us Death Note fans will have to buy from the manga from the black market! Altough the note he left (Watashi wa Kira desu) was mispelt. I will try to investage further. Hurricane wolf good luck! be careful and dont get hacked to pieces.

Heh heh....don't be scared,

Heh heh....don't be scared, Lawliet. 'Kira' doesn't scare me. If he did try to kill us, it would be out of anger, which would be blinding to someone with such an unstable mental state. He most likely wouldn't think it through and would crash into it without thinking about it. He's quite predictable.

Yes Yes we know that about

Yes Yes we know that about Kira already but what we do not know is if this man/woman was even from an institution.This person might of been at a perfectly healthy mental state. I was recently at a "bookstore" wandering through pages of psychology books when I checked out the manga section. And when I got there something peculilar struck me. An emo girl was leaning against the bookshelf reading DeathNote and writing something on two different pieces of paper. Being the Lawliet that I am I got a glimpse at what they said. The first one said Watashi wa Kira desu (I am Kira) The second one said Watashi wa L desu (I am L). I think we have a "Misa" on our hands

Huh....really? Well, then

Huh....really? Well, then this "Kira" either had to be in the US(or wherever you were). OR, this "Misa" could have been with "Kira" the whole time and they both left. Either way, "Kira" has probably left Brussels and Belgium all together.

Hey Lawliet, do you remember

Hey Lawliet, do you remember what the girl looked like?

Well M, this girl had a

Well M, this girl had a pigtail on the side of her head.

No wait, that was sombody

No wait, that was sombody else this girl had hair that came down to her shoulders, and your tipical goth/emo look with fish-net.

Hey Lawliet, I might as well

Hey Lawliet, I might as well reveal the information that I have held back, but it's is gonna be in another language. ?????????????????????? kira mmust ?????????? ???????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????? manga ???????????? ????????????, ?????????????? ?????????????????? ???????? ???? ???? ???????????????????????? ????????????, ?????????????????????? ??????????, ?????????????????????????? ?????????? ?????? ???????????????? ??????????. ???????? ???? ???????? teamates ???????????????? ???????????? ?? ???????????????? ????????????, ?????????? ?????????? ????????????, ?????? ???????? ???????????????????? ???? ??????????, ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????????????? ?????????????? ?? ??????. ???????? ???? ?????? ??????????????, ??????????, ????????????????????????, ?????? ???????????????? ?????????????? ???? ????????????????, ???????????????? ?????? ?????? ???????????? ???? ??????, ???? ???? ?????????????????? ?????? ?????? ???????????? ???? ??????. ?? ?????????? ??????????????????, ?????? ???? ???????? ?? ?????????????????? ??????????????, ?????? ?????? ???? ???????? "Misa", ???? ???????? ?????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????? ?????????? ?????????????????????????? obbsession ?? ??????????????????, ?????? - ???????????? ?????????????????? ????????. ???? ????????, ?????? ???????????????? ????????, ???????????????????????? ?????????? ??????????, ?????? ???????????? ?????????? ?????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ?? ??????, ?????? ?????????????? ???????? ?? ?????????????????????? kira. ?? - ?????????????????? 85 ??????????????????, ?????? ?? ???????? ???????????? ???????? ????????????, ???? ?? ???? ???????? ???????????????? ?????? ????????????????????????, ?????????? ?????????????? ?????? ????????????????????????????, ???? ???????? ???? ???????????? ?? ?????? - ???????? ??????, ?????????????? ?????????? ???? ???????????? ??????, ???????????????????? ???????????????? ??????, ?? - ???????????? ?????????????????????? ?????????? ????????????. OCRMAED

Hurricane Wolf I have

Hurricane Wolf I have decoded the information you posted and I agree. I believe that the one person I saw is merely someone of no importance. Just someone trying to make a mark for the hell of it. Ther is probably a group of followers of this "Kira." This may lead into something completly different such as a cult. I have no doubt that the person I saw has anything to do with this case. Just a fan of the series thats all. but the (I am L) note was somewhat peculilar. Oh yes, and Hurricane wolf nice russian!

Gracias, pero apenas incase,

Gracias, pero apenas incase, mantiene una mirada fuera para ella. Y si hay un culto est?? enterado de eso tambi??n. Algunos cultos van por lo que el Suicidio y el homicidio a impresionar apenas quienquiera que ellos veneran. Por la manera que salto de un idioma a otro, incase alguien se sale informaci??n.





IRT Last SL and anyone who talks normally inhere:

Lets focus on the future,
we troughly discussed, who this person 'could' be, why he did it, if it has something to do with dn, or if he just used it to make the target area alot bigger (for the police atleast).

Suppose, he will make another move, (maybe in style this time).
Obviously, his first move, (that we know of;) wasn't that great, stinking body parts with A4 sized paper sticked to them (not sure if its the correct spelling but who cares).

Suppose, he is gonna do something again, what would he do?
maybe he'll step of the body parts stuff, and actually tries to kills someone at a long disstance, for example:
1. some powdered envelope, with a note / link to dn on it, it would definatly make more sense.
2. poison.
3. someone else: dilivery guy, pizza guy. it wouldn't be to smart to do it this way, but its still possible.

Also, i thought, if i were to do something like this. what would i do different. the first thing that shot trough my head was the notes,
if i would do something like this, (expecially if it would be a onces and never again) i would do it in style, (knowing / having seen death note, it would have definatly taken preperation. "anything but A4 format paper", though its usual all around the world, and isn't really used for for instance printshops, hobby shops etc.
nothing to rare to find, and once again "anything but ballpoint writing on it" same story again.
something like ink, maybe a old typing machine,

These are just some scrables, Last & SL keep this alive=]
ps: Sl GET ONLINE!^^

This Belgium Kira person.

(I have not read all of the comments on here, of course, so I don't know if anyone has stated anything I am about to state.)

China banned/outlawed Death Note as soon as the manga came out (The anime began after the manga did), so I'm wondering "Did China see this kind of thing coming, or are they just luckily paranoid?" Supposedly, "Kira" has claimed about two victims so far.

Sure, some people believe this may just be some sick joke set up by students attending the nearby medical college, seeing as the body seemed to have been kept in a freezer and the cuts seemed clean and professional. I find it more than half likely that this was indeed a murder, rather than a prank. The staff of the college stated that if any of the bodies they keep there went missing, they would surely know about it.

The male torso was located very close to the highest point of Brussels, which could've possibly been a symbolic location since Kira thinks of himself almost as a god of death in the manga.

The notes that "Kira" left state "Watashi wa Kira dess," which is supposedly a misspelled copy of the "Watashi wa Kira desu" notes that Light Yagami left. Key word: Supposedly. It may not be a misspelling at all. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it may not have been meant to be in Japanese. It could be just the Dutch translation of the sentence. I heard that the Death Note manga came out in Belgium and was translated into Dutch. Quite possibly, the murders occured after the manga came out.

This case makes me really wish that L Lawliet was real, more than ever. With such little evidence, it will be difficult to find "Kira". L is a top detective in Death Note and would most likely be able to get further in this "Kira" investigation. *Sigh.* But alas... L is, and never will be, a reality. We should probably leave the investigation up to the Belgian police, but if you want to try and help, then that's up to you. Good luck, and goodbye.

~ Tilis, a.k.a The Child of Infinite Darkness

There is no need to worry

There is no need to worry about me being the next victim, I have not revealed any personal information to anyone other than the people helping me investigating the murder, besides, he or she is gonna need alot of money to get a transport to my country.

I don't even get this

I'm sorry, but since when did Yagami dismember body parts and keep half of them after finishing off a victim? I mean... It doesn't even fit the MO. I dunno. This guy has to be clinically insane to do something like that.

the parts don't but the

the parts don't but the notes do. if you read or seen death note, you'd know that during a test of the note's powers, yagami controlled 3 prisoners to write notes that had had as secret message in them before they died to taunt L. I believe it said "L, do you know gods of death love apples."

The only note the guy left

The only note the guy left stated that he was Kira, right? That also doesn't match up with the fact that the victims could only write the information they knew. I think he was only trying to link the name Kira with his murder.

Lawliet, Misa???????????????

Misa????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1???50/50??????????????????????????????important?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????


By the way...

Just an extra note: This "Kira" case piqued my interest the moment I heard about it. Although I researched it so far to write a report on it for World Geography class, I will be keeping an eye out for anymore news on this Belgium Kira.

Why I'm doing this? I'm not quite sure, myself. It may be a combination of things. Perhaps it is because my life is incredibly boring, and this case interests me so much. Maybe the Lawliet in me is driving me on to keeping tabs on this case and whatnot. Maybe it's because I don't get to use and test my intelligence quite enough, seeing as my school doesn't challenge me much at all (Yes, the only reason I get bad grades at school is because I grow bored of the lessons, and I tend to be somewhat of a slacker).

Whatever the reason, I will be keeping an eye on this page here, so if you have the link to any updates on the Belgium Kira case, then please, post it on here so that I may remain up-to-date on "Kira's" killings.

For those of you who are attempting to get very involved in solving the case, I wish you the most of luck. My God be with you all, mostly those of you in Belgium, for we do not yet know the true behavior of this "Kira." Whether he be a raging psychopath or a malevolant genius like Light, you should proceed in your personal investigations with the utmost caution.

Thank you for reading my post, and goodnight.
~ Tilis, a.k.a The Child of Infinite Darkness

Ugh... Typos must go to Hell....

I apologize, but I am very tired. It is 12:49 am where I am right now, and I made a few typos that got on my nerves... The one I really must correct is that I meant "May God be with you all". That is my bad. I really must let our cats in and go to bed... The two of them are making quite a ruckus outside.


irt: Kage Kaosuhinote:

"luckily paranoid?"

Yes, that must have been it.

irt: Hurricane Wolf:

No way, even if someone reveals personal info thats correct in here, or anywhere, where this person can find it, that one must be stupid to actually fall for it, or take the trouble going all the way to find out.

irt: Kage Kaosuhinote:

"Why I'm doing this? I'm not quite sure, myself. It may be a combination of things. Perhaps it is because my life is incredibly boring, and this case interests me so much. Maybe the Lawliet in me is driving me on to keeping tabs on this case and whatnot. Maybe it's because I don't get to use and test my intelligence quite enough, seeing as my school doesn't challenge me much at all (Yes, the only reason I get bad grades at school is because I grow bored of the lessons, and I tend to be somewhat of a slacker)."

I think i get a pretty good view of u. i know what u mean with bored at lessons^^. school is only boring because 60% of the total material they provide is stuff u will never use in your life, personally i have a problem with studying, for one: i can't study without music, with music i tend to listen to the music instead of studying.


i've been thinking, the fact that he didn't even make it look like it was him controlling the victem (parts but still).
if u were to do something thats supposed to be a copy of a story, wouldn't u try to do it as good as possible, expecially if its something that breaks the laws? personally i would take someone, for instance make it look like he/she commited suicide, hanged/shot him/herself, and then leave them a message, nothing like finding/removing bodyparts to then stick a A4 format paper on it, and dumb them in a park at bright daylight.

yeah but it doesn't mean he

yeah but it doesn't mean he won't want to kill me. Either that or he doesn't take me seriously enough to try.


First of all, why would he?
- your info can be false, no way for him/her to test that, even if he would find u he can't be sure the u he sees is the one that posts here.
- u won't catch him red handed.
- u are no threat.
- for him/her, its smarter to just ignore u, (u dont have a way to find out anyway, this person could already be near u for all u know).

How smart is this guy,

How smart is this guy, really? I mean, he could've just been a Tourist that killed someone and got on the next train. We can't assume just because he proclaimed to be Kira (and misspelled it in the process) that he's as smart as 2 of the original 4. For all we know, he's just some tool that can't separate reality from fiction.


If he would have been a tourist, and "just" killed someone, where is the rest of the body, why is it never found?, where did he dissemble the body?, why make separate parts?.. if he's not smart, then he's extremely lucky.

Heh, I live in the country

Heh, I live in the country next to the one of the murder.

Now, Kira's succesor, show me your skills of deduction.

Ryzaki, I am sorry to say

Ryzaki, I am sorry to say this, but that actually makes you a suspect.

Here's Why

You say you're from the country nex to the one the killer lives in, and you are using the same name as a character in the series , and suddenly you are interested in this case. The chances of you being a suspect from that alone is 40%. However there is anoth 40% you are more likley the next victim, because you may be closer to the killer. if he is monitoring this site there will be a 10% chance that he'll think you're bluffing, or a 10% chance that he'll feel threatened and try to find and kill you, while trying not to get himself caught.

C'?? pi?? ho trattenuto sul

C'?? pi?? ho trattenuto sul caso, quest'uomo aveva ucciso le persone nel 90's, gli anni prima che la nota di morte era anche un manga, loro ha uccisi nella stessa maniera ha ucciso la vittima recente, soltanto era in Luned?? invece di vorst. C'?? una maglia a situo che ho inciampato su della a tempo di record dei suoi assassini. Quest'uomo non ?? Kira.

It's all true man most of

It's all true man most of what I said about the killer's description is all true, I have never been so fucking scared in the history of my life. Police Sketch

Okay, I am sooooooo scared

Okay, I am sooooooo scared now.....I went to the link that Hurricane Wolf put up.....this guy is clearly a serial killer, we could all die, I'm about to wet know, we are all COMPLETE idiots. Suicidle, irrational idiots. But we're brave, justice-loving idiots who aren't going to stop, not now. We've come too far.....*sigh* I'm going to keep looking. I'm not going to leave any stone unturned, even if it means going to Belgium myself......

Look if you came to a

Look if you came to a realization that the killer was described, you'd be scared, BTW fear is what makes us human and even admiting you're afraid, takes a lot of guts. But I won't let my fear keep me from doing whats right. Otherwise I'll become a coward and trust me that's worsethan being afraid.

shame on u all:

Are u really scared?, scared of what?, what would he do, even if he got to find u, aslong as u are not drugged in some alley, u'll be ok. besides, no way he would find u in the first place. if i were u all, i would be more scared of getting hit by a meteor.

i am scared because way

i am scared because way earlier I made a guess of the killer's description and then when I found the site I stumbled on a acouple days ago, and I found a police sketch that asid from the age being wrong, I was Accurate. That's waht scares me because I have never been this accurate in my life in anything.

Look I didn't just find

Look I didn't just find something that would cause me fear, I also found the name of the killer.

I was waiting to reply until

I was waiting to reply until one of you made an intresting comment I'm guessing that you Hurricane Wolf are living in Belgium. near Belgium, or had been living once in Belgium.

guess all you want, and

guess all you want, and you'll never get it right.

hey Hurricaine Wolf...

hey HW sapere se la polizia abbia coltivato a gradini lo studio del questo caso?

Hurricaine Wolf...just a question i have

sabes si la policia dejo de investigar este caso?

The cops will label it an

The cops will label it an unsolved case and probably give up on it eventualy. but that won't stop this asshole from killing people. We all have gone this far already why don't we keep going. I know the name of a suspect that they let go before the trash bag murder of mons started. It is no coincidence that the killings started up again. If I was living anywhere near belgium I would have been dead already, so the knowledge that am still alive should probably tell that I am not there. He had already been let out for being acused for the crime in question, but I assure you if we have the adress and at least one piece of evidence that connects him to the manga murder alone, this will put him away for good. The choice whether or not you want to keep going I leave up to you because you already know my answer. they're still they're still investigating it...but like you i also thibnk they will eventually give up on it if they cease to get more clues.

y como te dije en el e-mail

y como te dije en el e-mail quiero ayudar con todo lo que pueda....

thanks for all that

thanks for all that Hurricaine Wolf

Approvazione, dovremmo

Approvazione, dovremmo prendere ad una certa azione seria....contacting la polizia belga e whatnot....what che abbiamo, tutte queste teorie, questi peices delle informazioni....should siete ripartiti, non pensate?

i already contacted them, so

i already contacted them, so far no response.


I would love to talk to you both
email me at


I could get you all direct contact to the group known as none other than Corpus Brachi, Corpus for short

Hurricane wolf

????????????????????????manga?????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Kira???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????Calvert??????Kira????????????????????????????????? Casey?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????kira???????????????????????????????????????uprise????????????????????????manga???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I have spoken with you via email, I would like you to download Yahoo messanger 8.0 or above and get a yahoo address, so that we may talk in a more secure environment

Willing to help with what i have and more

I am afraid from now on i will only communicate in russian. Any inconveniences can be solved by emailing me, where i will talk to you in english


Those wishing to work on this case contact me about Corpus.


In what manner

My recent seperation from

My recent seperation from Corpus can be explained in detail via email. I can no longer issue direct contact, but I still have information on Hard Copy. I will be posting here less often.


?? ??????????????????????????????, ?????????????? ?? ???? ???? ??????????????, ?? ?????????? ?????????????????????? ?????????? ????, ?????? ???????????? ?? ?????????? ???? ???????? ???????????? ?? ??????????, ?????? ?????? ?????????????????? ??????????????, ??????, ???????????? ?????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ?????????? ?????? ????????????. ???????????? ???????? ?????? ???????? ????????????????????????????, ?????????????? ?????????? ?????????????? ???????????? ??????????????. Look I just want to say to everyone that if something bad happens to any of us or when the case is solved, It has been an honor working with you.

quick question

?????????? ?????? ???????????? ?? ???????????????? ????????????????:
???????????? ?????????? ?? ?????? ?????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ?? ????, ?? ???????????????? ???????????? ???? ?????????? ???????????? ?????? 0% ???? ???????????????? ?????????? ????????????


I'll be alternating languages from time to time for reasons I'm sure you understand.


I find it questioable, but take your arms against me if you must. I propse this to you:

Pf evryone has some conecctions either to government files, Corpus, and ithers. Then why is there posed problems or comments if evreyone in the "investigation" should be aware of this?

Of course a man can only lead a horse to water , but a dog to food.


I apolagize for bad spelling errors.

Second Death

email me titled "second death" at


I'll be moving away from this site, contact me if you want details. M and N, please email me at


Its good to see, that atleast a few people here, took the effort to start at the beginning.

Casey Calvert

Can someone please tell me what the Japanese a few posts above said? I saw "Casey Calvert", and now this is driving me crazy. He was my hero, and I really need to now what it said about him. Was his death linked to Kira? Probably not. If you need to tell me through e-mail, it's



I think that it's about a.... 65% posibbility that this is a hoax, but thats more than enough to go in on faith and analyze everything we have at our dissposel...

i think this kira will

i think this kira will strike soon again
just a couple months more i'm guessing he'll do it when the police starts to loose interest in the case.


I agree completely. It sounds like the most logical time to strike again. But then again, our "Kira" doesn't seem to think too logically, does he?

Guardare quest'individuo ha

Guardare quest'individuo ha ucciso delle persone poich?? '97, ci?? era il befor di maniera il manga di nota di morte era fatto, ?? serial killer, ma non ?? il kira.


Interesting..... i agree.... as for Corpus, i want in... i will risk my life to catch this Kira... I.... am justice! I wish to be a member of Corpus....

It may sound like i just

It may sound like i just want to take the glory, or i just want to sound kool, but i actually want to help. And i thank everyone on this page for there help and information.

Long time no type

I have just thought of something...What is this "kira" is laughing at all of us and his whole intention was to start a big fuss just for the hell of it? What is is at home lauging at everyone working their ass off to stop it? Just something to think about.
PS: N sorry for not being on line things have been hecktic!

Let's see him laugh when

Let's see him laugh when they throw the death sentence at him.

Yes that's true. He'll soon

Yes that's true. He'll soon get what he deserves...oh and by the way if anyone talked to a random person who they didnt was me. .....Hm i still think that "Kira" is playing his cards right, i think the cops are begining to give up. I'll tel you one thing though as long as he's out there, there will be people who will not give up! Espechially if he's lauging at us I want to prove him wrong. Don't you all agree?

I would like one

I would like one know what he's thinking. It would be a hell of alot easyer to know what he thought but it would also be a hell of alot more terrifying being in the mind of a murderer.

the mind of a killer is

the mind of a killer is always be a mystery because each one is mor different than the other.

That is true. It's scary to

That is true. It's scary to think what might they be thinking yet it' do i put this interesting. The one question he needs to be asked is WHY. I cant pretend to understand his mind no one can but brainstorming what he MIGHT be like might give us an advantage

Your emails

several of you have already joined InsistoVerum, but all of you who haven't and are interested please post your emails or email them to me at


if you look at the BTK case, some of Dennis Rader's murders were up to 10 years apart. He still got media attention throughout all of america and was only caught in 2005 and he's already in psychology books. He is a prime example of the sociopathic mind. Perhaps we could look to the BTK case (witchita Kansas US) for reference?

Other leads in the case have

Other leads in the case have also been fruitless. No missing person was reported whose description matches the body parts. The only potential witness that has come forward was a jogger that said she saw a blond man lying down in the area where the body parts were discovered. However, she could not provide any more clues. The police initially concluded that the apparent victim was still alive no more than 48 hours before the hikers' discovery, but later acknowledged that the body parts could have been preserved by freezing, long before being left at the scene.

Hm thats interesting. This

Hm thats interesting. This is getting far more difficult. A chalange is always worth taking. This "Kira" probabbly knows nothing about death note. I am a death note fanatic and have been studying it and i just believe this guy is using it as a decoy, which is foolish if he knows nothing about it.

For someone who knows jack

For someone who knows jack shit about death note knows a hell of a lot about it to write the note in Japanese.

if some one want to contace

if some one want to contace me seand a emile to this

Hurricane Wolf

That is true, but don't you think he would go by the story line...unless he's trying to through us off thats another fact. We cant say just yet.

yes you are right

yes you are right

I am gonna look over

I am gonna look over everything again until I reach a Final conclusion. I let you know when, those who singed up to justicia Pro pacis will know sooner than the others.

i suppose i will try to

i suppose i will try to pitch in as well

if i am not heard from in

if i am not heard from in the next 3 dats there is possibly some kind of kira figure

never mind. i'm just being

never mind. i'm just being overreactive over whats going on

I looked at the the message

I looked at the the message once more and I realised something that didn't made sense: "Desu Noto" means "death note", yet "Watashi wa kira desu" means "I am Kira." I don't think they translated it properly. I think the got the "I am..." right, but when they saw the word "Kira" they asumed that's what it said. "Kira" means "killer" in japanese, "desu" means "death" some langauages invert their words in a sentence and don't use an apostraphe (') even when they say something like "this shiori's" in another language other than english. No, if anything, I think that the message reads "I am Death's killer."

that would make no

that would make no sense...he's a killer,not an idiot

No wait I did it wrong and I

No wait I did it wrong and I am gonna break it down in seperate words:
Watashi = I
Wa = is/am
Kira = killer
Desu = a

Desu is used as an attachment to connect any sentence. in this case it's the word "a"

wa means both "is" and "am" but since "is" doesn't connect the sentence well, "am" will be used. Kira definately means killer, otherwise the message would read "Watashi wa Kira."

So the message reads "I am a killer"

This message could have been a forced confession written by the victim who had been held by knifepoint by the killer and the message was mispelled because the killer got impatient and stabbed him to death. which would mean the victim was japnese or was forced to write the message in japanese.


the killer could know japanese himself and killed the victim before writing the note but theres always the possibility the note was this man rubbing in the fact that he murdered somebody

He could know japanese, but

He could know japanese, but he wouldn't write the not himself, because they could track him down by handwritting.


he doesn't have to use his regular writing,in fact he could simply switch hands and then the police would track the wrong person

He'd have to be

He'd have to be ambedextrious to pull that off, but studies shown that people with autism naturally write left handed.

whose to say he's autistic?

whose to say he's autistic? He very well could be a genius.

He is neither, mispelled or

He is neither, mispelled or not the note has to have been wrote with his right hand for anyone whom found the body.

not so. when i write with my

not so. when i write with my off hand it's not as good as my normal hand but it is legible, i don't think the police released photos of the note so we don't know what the note looks like

yes but the reports said the

yes but the reports said the it was in capital letters and different colours. You need not only a right hand for that but a steady hand for that too. also, if it's supposed to say "I am Kira" why was it misspelled? furthermore why would he write them inthe first place, you can easily get prints off of the paper. not to mention writting the same message on both papers.

we're on fire!

Hard to explain...there are various positions of the hand you can use when writing some of which leave no trace,also writing in CAPS woulda be easier than lowercase and different colors could imply there was more than 1 person AND the notes could have been prepepared with no trace, it would help if we could see the notes

sorry i meant *to have no

sorry i meant *to have no trace*

The police will take care of it, without a doubt.

Frankly, this scares me. Has "Kira" been caught?

Though some of you made very good deductions, I think we should just leave this to the police, who probably have more resources than we do. There is a chance that this guy may have been an ordinary person gone nutso and just slapped on some random quote.

I wish there was a real L...

we do this because the cops

we do this because the cops have no more resources.

I do this because the cops

I do this because the cops won't

A Real L??? WE have to be

A Real L???
WE have to be the real L! The police are giving up on this...

You guys seen this?


im thinkin the med college has a HUGE connection

this as well

The killer is a doctor

There was a psychiatric hospital that the victims of the trash bag murders went to I think that the killer might be a doctor that worked there. The only one in mons is the H??pital Ambroise Par?? try looking that up. you have to be really good with surgical tools to make cuts that perfect.

Hmmm. Form the start I

Hmmm. Form the start I believed that this killer maybe be a forensic science student, but it could be many ways that "kira" is capable of making clean cuts. It's a shame the police have given up. Before we know it we'll have a mad phyco path on our hands is he's not already one. How intellagent can one person be to pull this off. There has to be something but it seems there isnt! Maybe...just maybe we missed something? Hmmm I juess it's time to retrace my steps. I'll let you know if we so happened to miss anything.


Wouldnt they have cameras around the area?
Shouldnt they recount the bodies ?
it's still a lead right?
What are the surrounding buildings?

There is one hospital in

There is one hospital in Mons and nine in brussels. Mons was the first city to be victimized by this killer and brussels is the second. It might be possible that this killer is a doctor that transferred from the one hospital in mons to the one out of nine hospitals in brussels. That would not only explain the killings in the similar ways in 2 different places. It would also explain why the killings have stopped for 10 years. Don't you see? This bastard was settling himself and preparing for his next kill. And while we are sitting here talking he is probably making plans for the next hunt and/or escape, until he kills everyone he wants anywhere he wants.

OMG you're absolutally

OMG you're absolutally right! This is no coencadence...but what can we do? We dont have enough information yet.

contact the police?

contact the police?

We can't do that yet. We

We can't do that yet. We don't have any evidance.

What we have to do is find

What we have to do is find who transfered out of mons and in to brussels and which hospital he is in now.

The only way we can do that

The only way we can do that is if one of us went to Mons and asked around.

We just need to look up the

We just need to look up the names of all the doctors in mons, and match one of them to the doctors in one of 9 hospitals in brussels. I am trying to do that as we speak.

ill leave that to you wolf

ill leave that to you wolf


????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? Le Chene aux ?????????????????????????????????????????? UZ Brussel ????????????????????????Vrije Universiteit ?????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Duc Nguyem ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

DAMMIT i wish i could read

DAMMIT i wish i could read that!

either undersatnd Chinease

either undersatnd Chinease or get a translator 'cause I am not gonna write that again.

If i may ask here, why

If i may ask here, why bother posting it here?
Not much we can do here, (neither we can 'there') still, why make it public?

If i may ask here, why

If i may ask here, why bother posting it here?
Not much we can do here, (neither we can 'there') still, why make it public?

now it's just a bunch of

now it's just a bunch of lines...

SL and Lawliet 2

This would work better if we had some suspects.(lawliet 2) Maybe this "kira" thinks that no one in the world is as smart as L in real life? It could be a posiability that he believes to be much more intteligant thanany human..and since he believes no one is smartter than L/ as smart as L he thinks he can ge away with it! Take it into consideration.(SL)


Kira, Mangamoord, MM, or whatever you like to be called, I fear I didn't mention my sympathy, I feel sympathy for you because I believe your first victom was the Mons murderer, I can only imagine what it was like to know who the killer was and not do anything....
But if you continue this horror show, then we'll have no choice but to put you down.


In my first post I said I knew why there were two note at the crime scene, the only practical use of a written note is to tell somebody something, the first note was to the people MM was trying to "inspire" and the second note was to us, by us I mean of coarse, the police, the L's, the Nears, and the Mellos, but I feel I must warn my comrades, we may great in numbers but if I'm right, then so are the people "inspired" by MM.

If anyone was inspired by

If anyone was inspired by the manga murder they'll probably pull a misa amane or a mikahmi and just by saying that I put myself partially responsible for putting the idea in their heads. That being said Here is what I think of the bastard: He is nothing but a murderer, a flesh and blood stone cold killer that has the mind of an animal when he is killing, as far as he is concerened, he is on the top of the food chain and maintains his position there by killing one person, but by evading the authority figures he is either hibernating or slowly lowering himself from predator to prey, and that pisses him off more. So he kills again to keep his position on the top intact. after the manga murder he is lowering himself again and when he realises it, he will kill again.


Hurricane Wolf, I feel you misundersood what meant by "inspired", true you had the right idea with Misa and Mikami, but I believe MM (Manga murderer) is planning this on a larger scale, as in the world, he wants every town, city and country to have its own dark avenger enforcing the "Kira Way". The truely scary thing is that this possible and if he suceeds, he will truly become Kira in the sence that he'll kill from afar but if this happens, and continue like a cancer, he may surpass Light Yagami.
Does this mean we must surpass L...

That's what I am afraid of.

That's what I am afraid of.


Hurricane Wolf, what I'm about to say is important because the danger of "infection" is geting closer, I know this because just the other day I saw graffiti saying "KIRA!", "MANGAMOORD IS RIGHTEOUS", and even "EXTERMINATION BY JUDGEMENT" one a wall and I feel I must say what I believed happened before any possible riots happen.

It must've started around the time of the mons murders (which the police blame MM for), MM witnessed one of these murders and was devestated, he thought about going to the police but thought the murder deserved worse and took matters into his own hands (the damage to the murderers genitels show his hate towards him and, ironically, he might have dumped the body where he did so he wouldn't be confused with the murderer) he then wrote the two notes, one to the police the other to the "inspired", and is now waiting for the "inspired to follow his lead.


I'm sorry if I sound preachy.

Near, it won't be long till

Near, it won't be long till this "infection" reaches my home, when this happens, it'll be the biggest genocide since wwii. we hve to put a stop to this


Sometimes I agree with MM, there are people the world would be better of without but I know better, I respect other peoples view on what is or is not righteous, wether they be friend or enemy, stranger or lover, we all have a right to righteousness, this is the only difference between me and MM.

all you people pretending to

all you people pretending to be kira's are fakes i am the true kira and i shall bring light yagami's justice to the real world want evidence go here and yes you think if i was kira i would't say i was on a blog would i well this is all apart of my plan and you well not believe me any way hahahahahahahahahahhhahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Listen carfully because I'll

Listen carfully because I'll only say this once, if you really are the man responsible for the deaths of 7 women and 1 man between the years 1993 - 2008 know that there are people that will not stand for it and will stop at nothing to find you. Me personally would like nothing more than to the same. If you really are Kira and you really are in posession of a death note, then I got a challange, you wite my full name and wait 3 days. If I don't answer youby then, I am dead and you are really Kira. If I am still alive, you will turn yourself in, because if the cops don't find you I will. I'll even give you my full, name: Shane Lucas Greer.


Hurricane Wolf, just ignore this infected child going bythe name "true kira".


True Kira, I feel threatened, not because I believe you to be "inspired", no, a much more fitting word is "infected". My advise to you is to reconsider your role models and leave these matters to the adults.

2 things

They are MADE UP characters from a show that is NOT GONNA HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE! Death Note's are FAKE!
Those inspred by "Kira" are idiots.
Crime will never stop because there will always be evil people
This could get out of hand from the actions of these kira inspred cosplayers. If you got something retarded to say like "I am Kira" get off this board and go play "I am Kira" somewhere else! This is a SERIOUS matter and we don't need you wastin our time with your little games.

why do ou you think I

why do ou you think I requested him to kill me? iknow that he'll have to come all the way to my country to do it otherwise I would have died as soon as I wrote that comment. also he'd be left with the burden that he killed someone that is not a criminal.

Smart Wolf...but

If this person was "Kira" he wouldn't be stupid enough to type
"HA" over and over. He would leave some type of cryptic message
It is best to ignore those people who don't take this seriously.


Very interesting, indeed. The fact that a man would kill someone and pose as Kira afterwards is odd, though not entirely. Death Note is a good story, I enjoy it completely. Apparently, someone out there is more obsessive than all of us.

Here's my theory on the matter: this "Kira" is smarter than we hold him off to be. First, the fact that Death Note is an extremely popular manga alone is enough of a reason to call himself Kira. Doesn't it make sense that this killer would want attention directed towards himself? We can instantly assume that these were meant to be left behind, contents and all.

Second, the messages, both exactly the same besides the color they were written in, were left besides severed body parts, the other parts missing. Anyone could take a blood sample from the body parts to discover the victims, but that's not what's nagging at me. The fact that the killer left only body parts shows that he's a psycopath... or is he trying to simply pass off as one in order to misdirect our attention from something else?

This is definately a case I'll have to investigate more.


Hurricane Wolf, you seemlike a smart individual so I'm fairly certain you'll agree with me after reading my earlier theory, we should look for a male, early twentys, resident of Mons or area of mons, raised by strict parents, and is most likly of the upper middle class.


Hurricane Wolf, I want you to know you're the only one I'm working with because you, not counting me, seem to be the most capable to catch MM, please note that any of your colleages are permitted to help.

I feel so left out :( but anyway...

i feel that your theory cannot be completely correct because of
"raised by strict parents"
normally those are the ones who DON'T kill simply from them having strict parents.
You see,it could have nothing to do with the parents but a "friend" or other person met in school or on the web or anything public place of the type.You have to remember that there are influences aside from the parents that can make or break a person. "New Near" and everybody else you have to look at the situation from every angle you can think of because any of them can be true.

Also on a more personal note, I dislike your
"Hurricane Wolf, I want you to know you're the only one I'm working with because you, not counting me, seem to be the most capable to catch MM, please note that any of your colleages are permitted to help".

Statement.It seems to me that what you're mainly saying is
"Wolf you are the only one here who has any chance of actually finding anything. I am the smartest here and you are the second smartest. If any of these other worthless people want to help I guess their uselessness is fine."

Sounds a little overconfident and conceited to me.

The person we're looking for

The person we're looking for had to have some experience in medical surgery. The only thing close to a criminal he killed was a prostitute in the 90s, whereas the true Kira would start with the major criminals and work his way down. He also knew which Identifying body parts to cut, hands, feet, the head. He even bled them out so DNA evidence is out. the mistake he made was leaving out those notes, other than that he commited what desperate killers call, the perfect murder.

hello, the real kira goes by

hello, the real kira goes by the name true kira and trust me he may very well be the real-life kira. this is not a joke or role-playing!!! i am dead serious and tell you only so you know, he is a serious genius that should seriously not be messed with. i tell you he has power and great cleverness that would go beyond your understanding, i have witnessed some of his knowledge and power myself. i tell this so if u think about messing with him i have at least warned u that there will e consequences b/c he is KIRA!!!!!!! THE TRUE MASTERMIND KIRA!!!!!

Shut Up.

You must really be confused. "Kira" is NOT REAL.
If there were a real "Kira" He would want to go public and there would be news of mass killings all over the world.

Don't you get it fools.

Don't you get it fools. There is a Kira and I am helping him right now. He will reign over the new world. HIS WORLD! And don't try to stand in his way because you will not be able to do anything about it. This is a warning to you all!

Listen, Misa if that is your

Listen, Misa if that is your real name, once this guy is probably finished with his goal he'll kill those who are still able to destroy or betray him, that'll probably be you too.

yeah none of you fucktards

yeah none of you fucktards ever hear of the occult mysticism illuminati free masons knights templar kabbalah nostic gigamesh shamanism alchemy witch craft and all that other crap i had to research to get a death note and i not cosplaying i'm a genius and i know best did you even go to that link i posted and read all of my comments go here i know its comipress but its a different blog i go under the name true kira and you fools dont know me and have no idea of who you are messing with i am out of your league you fools should be careful you never know who i could be you seriously are nothing to me you have know idea i am beyond human i am some thing else and by the way i was a child genius and you lot are nothing more than lower life forms to me

Definitely Not "Kira"

No genius would use a word like "fucktard" and that crazy magic and research to get a death note? Bull. magic and death notes are fake.

by the why you really dont

by the why you really dont know me GET IT i am not doing this because i am copying death note (for the sake of it any way) i already figured it out i figured nearly every thing out i know the truth and i already know that the light yagami justice was the right justice before i saw death note and i am not playing i am kira i am the real life version of kira and i am not the Belgium kira that guy is not using a real death note but maybe he is (2%) well he is the only lead i have so i well think i well catch him and see if he has any secrets to tell me and my mind cont be infected its to powerful it only see truth it has knowledge input and it configures that knowledge and scans it using other
knowledges it has it links it all up and figures it out through deeply thinking about the knowledge i have i can make wisdom out of it until i become a god
and none of you will figure that manga murder case why dont you leave it to a genius like me to figure it out and when i do i shall find him see if he has any thing he can tell me even though he is more than likely a fake killing without a death note i still most see just in case oh and another thing "leave it to the adults" you dont know how old i am not saying i am that old just pointing out the fact that you dont know so shut the fuck up you fagtard you are lucky i well not hack you or this site because you had no way to know who i was so you should find your self lucky that i am so understanding nice and yes i am a hacker thats another reason you should be careful of who you talk to cuz you never know who they could be and yeah your lucky i am not too bitter about that and that i am not a cracker but a very nice hacker.

so you plan on helping us

so you plan on helping us catch him, but until he dies all bets are off? Tell me something dickweed if you really have a death note why haven't you killed me yet, I gave you my name and everything. I happen to be a smart guy, who knows I might catch you after I deal with Mangamoord..... You can't kill me because either I don't pose a threat to you or you are not in possesion of a death note. By the way, I too believe in the supernatural.

Oh wait I forgot, even if

Oh wait I forgot, even if you have a death note you need a name and a face to kill me. Ha!!


Go away you fake. 2% copied death note quite well.
We don't need his help.
If this belgian guy mysteriously dies,I MAY believe you. Although at this point


"true kira", when I said "leave this to the adults", I was refering to the fact that you are acting like a child, a very disterbed child, also, you said "why don't you leave it to a genius like me to figure it out", and that infers youwant us to stop talking to you so can work alone, then why are you on a site created for the purpose of discussing the MM case?

Listen, Misa if that is

Listen, Misa if that is your
Submitted by Hurricane Wolf (not verified) on Wed, 2008-03-19 06:44.
Listen, Misa if that is your real name, once this guy is probably finished with his goal he'll kill those who are still able to destroy or betray him, that'll probably be you too.

One I am very loyal to him and two I can't imagine him ever doing that to me. Besides I am not that stupid to go against anyone who has a stronger Death Note than me or who is more genius than I. You will not catch him or me, so just give it up. And he doesn't have to prove his Death Note to you because you would be a waste of his time anyway.


You are that stupid. Especially to go with this. Stop wasting my time.

I wouldn't be surprised

I wouldn't be surprised since she chose the name misamisa.


It's probably a guy.

A jogger had seen a blond

A jogger had seen a blond man lying down on the same spot where the victim was found two days later The next day she saw the man again. The witness thought the man was sleeping and did not pay much attention to it. It is not certain that the man was indeed the victim.[8]. he could had used the death note to kill to kill him then cut his body up after so he might be another kira like me after all who has a super natural book and not some one killing normally and pretending i can get some more power if i have two death notes hahahhahaha

the only thing close to

the only thing close to death note he used was what he wrote on the papers he left behind the body. Besides I know the name of the suspect.


V, I want you to know I meant no offence and hope you axcept my apology. I mearly meant that Hurricane Wolf was the only equal I've met as of then, and now I'm glad to meet you, another fellow equal, on this site. Please allow me to help you if I can.


Sorry to add a critisism but, my theory about strict parents still holds water, a persons pesooality is created based on their upbringing, for instance, if MM was raised by strict parents, he would have been punished for the most minor offences, this would have instilled a strong sence of justice in him while at the same instilled a distrust of authority figures and I believe this is what pushed him to kill his first victom (which I still believe was the Mons murderer)

I of course accept your

I of course accept your apologies,we need all the help we can get, anybody who is actually helping can solve this assuming they understand .
Also you are right about your upbringing theory but the problem is that either of ours theories or anybody elses could be correct. We barely know anything about MM.

Also have you noticed a lot of people looking into this stopped posting? Many of which joined CORPUS or any of the other groups?

And 1 question everybody ...
Your theory about the age of the suspect confuse me.
How can he be in his early 20s if he is the "trash bag killer"?
That would mean his 1st kill was between ages 10 and 15? I doubt someone of that age could kill without the guilt trip or getting caught.
Someone that notorious assuming they got caugh would not get off with a sentence of anything less than life in prison.
I figure these two cases are completely unconnected.


V, my reason for suspecting MM is in his twenties is the Deathnote notes, these show he's young enough to be a devoted fan the series yet old enough to travel from Mons to Brussels.


Hurricane Wolf and V, I'm sorry to mention this now, but due to lack of resources, I have only the following information;
1. torso and legs found
2. two notes written in different colours saying "Watashi wa Kira dess"
3. notes mispelled
4. blond man seen at crime scene twice

Any other info is very helpful,such as, positions of body parts, colours in which notes were written, victom name ect.

Finaly, please scroll up to review my theory which is under the same subject as alway "Kira" and also the same user name "New Near". Thank You.

looking at the different angles?

All we can assume is that he's old enough to buy DN and old enough to be some upper medical person i know 30-40 year old people who read manga. In fact that is how I first learned about it.


V, let me more clear, I do not think MM is the "trash bag killer" I think the victom is. I think MM discovered the killers identity and due to his lack of faith in authority, he decided to take matters into his own hands, further more, I've been told that in belgium, deathnote is popular with young readers also, adding in the surgical cuts leads me to believe MM is a medical student.


So everything goes back to the medical division of belgium.


A few pages up, you gave your name. Not too smart. Be careful because that move was pretty sloppy.

what can I say, it was worth

what can I say, it was worth a try, besides even if he knew wher I was i have homefield advantage.


but now the risk is there.

how do you know its fake why

how do you know its fake why does any thing do any thing cuz of the laws of physics things do the things they do cuz the things they do do the stuff they do to atoms to quarts but when you go down enough you come to some thing that just does it for no reason this is already proven you dont know how the universe works it could work any way so who is to say what can and can not be and why would'nt a genius use fucktard i think he would if he was calling a fucktard a fucktard.

Oh, the idiots talking to me.

The laws of physics,etc have been explained.
YOU obviously don't know how the universe works, maybe you should research that instead of that fake lame ass voodoo.
And "Kira" wouldn't say fucktard because he actually knows how to speak and by the way we know what you want.
Fine you can be a suspect happy now? Good.
Now shut the hell up...fucktard.
BTW we're not gonna pay attention to you anymore.
Ask "Misa" to wipe away your tears pathetic loser.

This whole misa and ture

This whole misa and ture kira bullshit is getting us no where. Whether or not what their saying is true doesn't matter. they probably don't have the balls to kill someone let alone a criminal. what matters is that there is a killer, he is still out there and he is probably mointoring this right now.

V you little fag you did not

V you little fag you did not read what i typed properly i know very well of psychics and you have know idea of who you are messing with and it is not magic as such and maybe not fake like your moms boobs and stop being closed minded like your moms pussy hole you fucking wanker go fuck your self and if i knew were you lived i would go there and kick you fucking ass fucktard


There goes all the proof we need to know you're not Kira.

that dont prove nothing i

that dont prove nothing i dont want you to know i am kira "all you people pretending to be kira's are fakes i am the true kira and i shall bring light yagami's justice to the real world want evidence go here and yes you think if i was kira i would't say i was on a blog would i well this is all apart of my plan and you well not believe me any way hahahahahahahahahahhhahhhh!!!!!!!!!!" you still will not believe me any way ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

its not called magic its

its not called magic its called paranormal science so get your facts straight........wait for it........."fucktard"


STOP FIGHTING! "true kira", you are not helping, V and H. Wolf, just ignore him, I could understand if he was in front of youscreaming like a maniac but here he's just a few letters under the name true kira, NOW PULL IT TOGETHER!

I expected better from you two (I'm not talking about "true kira")

Yeah,you're right near

But i've 1 simple request for "Kira"
Prove to me that you are Kira then.
Put it all in one post.

put what in one sentence and

put what in one sentence and you pricks started the insults with that infected child crap and new near you dont know me i could be any one so stop talking about me like you do you do.

Hey at least he is trying to

Hey at least he is trying to keep the peace, assholes like you do nothing more than start wars.

Not a sentence,a post one "Word Box"

Withou links just tell us straight up how you are "Kira".
If it sounds true you just may be...pshh someone.

you are the ones that start

you are the ones that start the wars i started nothing and "Hey at least he is trying to keep the peace, assholes like you do nothing more than start wars." i did not say any thing bad to him so there was no need for the asshole comment i just stated a fact and if you cant be bothered to go to a link than stop being a lazy bastard and you really dont know who you are messing with (???????????????????????????????)

Fuck It.

You are not "Kira" but I admit you went all out with this you crazy cosplayer you! I commend you for being so dedicated to playing the part of "Kira" but we've got more important matters than arguing with you.

So has anyone got more info on MM?


Listen, I'm sorry about the "infected child" comment, I've been in a bad mood ever since I got in a fight with my roomate, but anyway guys, does anyone know if the volume 12 is availiable in Belgium? I ask this because if MM finds out his hero is dead somthing bad may happen.

near is right the guy might

near is right the guy might pull a "Misery"

at least he'd be easier to

at least he'd be easier to find.


V, you might be on to somthing, if and when that happens MM may do somthing stupid and when that happens he may leave more clues at his next crime withoutknowing it. We should use this to our advanage and spread the fact that Light dies and see what happens.

Exactly. He's gonna get all

He's gonna get all Mello on us and do something stupid.
I just notified we sound Like L,M,N




I was walking my dog and was thinking about the MM case when I developed this theory;
At the crime scene MM left two notes the said "Watashi Wa Kira Dess" and I've been told that in belgium, people rarely write with double s's, so I thought, "why would a belgium native misspell with a double s whe the thought of writing like that never even entered his head?" then I realized, ge didn't write "Watashi Wa Kira Dess" he wrote "Watashi Wa Kira Des S" as a code. The code is simple; S is the 19th letter in the alphabet and 19 is a prime number. In short,
"Watashi wa Kira Des S" = Watashi wa Kira Des 17" = "Watashi wa Kira Des Prime" = "I Am Kira Prime" = "I Am Kira the first" which can be reworded as "I am the first Kira". This is important because if this is right and MM is like other serial killers, he'll continue this pattern, his own little ritual, and leave more codes at future crimes. Maybe there are other unoticed codes in this crime.


Hurricane Wolf, V, M, and even true kira, your feedback is neaded to give this theory power.

Of course!

That is GENIUS!
But of course we wouldn't have had to go through that if the police would just have released photos of the notes
Goos Job Near,we are that much closer to solving this case.

I always wondered why he

I always wondered why he mispelled it, but I never even thought of that.


So the notes we're all CAPS as a sort of way to encode des S?
or maybe it was all CAPS for an alternate reason?

Don't you find this kinda

Don't you find this kinda strange? we are looking for this guy, for a couple of months, next thing we know there is a guy claiming not only to be kira, but also claims to have an actual death note. but just as we start questioning him, someone under the name MisaMisa all of the sudden appears out of nowhere and defends him, furthermore. of all the time in the world why now rather than earlier?

Like I Said

Cosplayers. I looked into this and noticed on one post he clearly states that he is Kira but in a later post contradicts the statement by saying he doesn't want us to know he is Kira. As for Misa she likes the character but states that she is NOT Misa. Though she says that she always liked the idea of fancying a "real Kira".They are both just people,after all none of this happened until after the original release of Death Note.

I just broke the note down

I just broke the note down in numbers I don???t know if it helps, but it???s worth a shot.
W = 23
A = 1
T = 20
A = 1
S = 19
H = 8
I = 9
W = 23
A = 1
K = 12
I = 9
R = 18
A = 1
D = 4
E = 5
S = 19
S = 19

The whole number thing gave

The whole number thing gave me an Idea, so I broke down the numbers every way I posibly could the first set I multiplyed the numbers by how may times they appeared in the code and worked my way to it:
23 x 2 = 36
1 x 4 = 4
20 x 1 = 20
19 x 3 = 57
8 x 1 = 8
9 x 2 = 18
18 x 1 = 18
4 x 1 = 4
5 x 1 = 5
36 x 1 = 36
4 x 2 = 8
20 x 1 = 20
57 x1 = 57
8 x 1 = 8
18 x 2 = 36
5 x 1 = 5
36 x 2 = 72
8 x 2 = 16
20 x 1 = 20
57 x 1 = 57
5 x 1 = 5
in this set I divided 4 of the 5 numbers by each each other
72 / 16 = 4.5
20 / 5 = 4
4.5, 4 and 57 is all the numbers I had left after breaking it all down. 57 and 4 both have historical and religious meaning as for 4.5 it has no meanng at all. so the important numbers are 4, an 57.

What do they mean?

What do they mean?


looking at the letters WWKDS ive been trying to come up with something. If you take their opposite letters you get EERXH but i haven't got much farther than that. unscramble it and you get HERE X
and if you add both sets of numbers you get WWKDSEERXH but i cant see anything from this and it probably means nothing so I ask what you all can come up with.

maybe they spell something

maybe they spell something in Belgian?


Maybe the colors in the ln the notes had some kind of code?


I agree V, also, I think theres a connection between the note colours and the fact thecthere were two note. Think about it, the purpose of any note is to give someone a message, we already know the message so that makes me think that if there are two notes then there are two "someones" to read them, one of these people are the police (maybe us too), while the other is to MM's inspired and infected followers. As for the colours, they are probably relaying emotions as follows;
Red = angry
Pink = lovey-dovey
Yellow = fear
Blue = friendly


"Inspired" people are cool-headed serial killers who kill ciminals in Kira's name, while "infected" people are ticking time bombs.


Maybe the notes were CAPS because all of the dialog in Deathnoote (like inn most manga) is in all CAPS

i really wish we could see

i really wish we could see the notes. This would be so much easier.


Hurricane Wolf, I feel like fool asking this but, can you please explain your code? It's not that I think you're wrong, I just don't understand.


For future reference, I am bad at math.

Since this guy thinks he is

Since this guy thinks he is kira he probably thinks he is a god so I think we should focus on the numbers on both the notes and see if there are any religious meaning. I already found some: 23 12

the notes I am refering to

the notes I am refering to is the numbers I sent.

23 = W 12 = K 12 might also

23 = W 12 = K

12 might also mean M

and 23 might also mean C
if you reverse the numeric order in the code


Thank you for the explaination, and I think that due to MM's Childood, he has issues with authority figures including thhe ultimate authhority, God, however his religius views could anything at this point so I am finding speculation about his religius views useless, but If the notes are decoded intor a verse from the bible I am all ears.

hmm... 1,2,2,3 abbc or zyyx


1,2,2,3 abbc or zyyx ...there could be a secret in those numbers.

Is there any way we could

Is there any way we could contact the police or government or something to make this not quite as public? The killer could be watching or even be one of us.We could even password protect a room or something.


I agree with V, but I am terrible with a computer and would need help, I sugjest we we exchange numbeers in order to make sure no infected or inspired gets the password.

but THAT would have to be

but THAT would have to be done securely.

how about contact through an

how about contact through an online game?


I limited resources so thats impssible, V, how about one of us, I nominate Hurricane Wolf, chooses password and writes it in code on this site and when one of us decodes it (think of it as a test) and enters into the safe chatroom they are asked quetions only he/she would know?

Once again...

You are a GENIUS! I also nominate wolf.


Hurricane Wolf, if you agree to this, please write an english code relating to Deathnote and the site it goes to in the same code. GOOD LUCK

Since this guy is blaming

Since this guy is blaming death note for the murder why not use words from other mangas as a code.

Since this guy is blaming

Since this guy is blaming death note for the murder why not use words from other mangas as a code.

It's your call.

Do what YOU wanna do

I'm so anxious to see what

I'm so anxious to see what wolf does!


Hurricane Wolf, please do me the curtesy of writing the code in english

I think he's working on this

I think he's working on this now


Sorry, but my keyboard is disfuntional (if I type one letter, another letter appears on the screen) so I'm stuck useing the on screen keyboard.

Well I think the way the

Well I think the way the code should be lid out is as if we are having a normal disscussion, question or an argument.
for example if I asked V if he likes apples? I am probably asking him if he got any new info in he'd answer with a simple yes no, or phrase that would confim or deny. but if he were to say "What the hell does apples have to do with this case?" either he'd understand the code or he isn't V.


I was thinking maybe Mr. Matt (my roommate) left me 3 apples for a snack and is saving the rest for later meals.

So Mr.Matt has apples he

So Mr.Matt has apples he doesn't want to share? I thought you were the only one who ate apples in your home?

you can learn so much from

you can learn so much from an apple than encases 3 seeds


I think Hurricane Wolf's last message had a really juicey apple in it.

Well I hate apples,wolf can

Well I hate apples,wolf can eat it.

Sounds like you know me

Sounds like you know me pretty well!

apples are only one example,

apples are only one example, use words that go together.


Wolf, correct me if I'm wrong, but, I think your last message is really importannt and hard to "understand"

use regualar words that say

use regualar words that say one thing but mean something else.

Was I doing it right?

Was I doing it right?


Wolf, do you think you message is hard to "understand". a yas or no will be fine.

Yes i would prefer a more

Yes i would prefer a more simple message


Please answer my question Wolf, Yes or No?


your answer is up there ^


I'm sorry, I thought Wolf's code explaination was in fact a code to the safe chatroom we mentioneed earlier.

If it's a safe place you

If it's a safe place you want I happen to have a group website that I'll give you the link too, you just need my approval and an Msn Account.


Sorry but I think that won't be needed, we're dancing around with all this code crap and spy shit that we failed to notice the fact that there are hundreds of sites like this and even if an infected or inspired person started coming after anti kira bloggers, that would mean there would a 1 i 1 million chancce of one of us being targeted, also, if MM was listening to our talks out of the millions, what will he do? Think about it.

I've already requested to join the group

saying something only I would say so i know wolf will know its me you should do the same as soon as you can and let him listen.In fact let him keep listening as long as he wants unless he tracks and kills us,we wont be stopped!

Done and...done

Done and...done


I have to turn for the night, got to get up early


After comverting the letters into thier number forms
( a = 1, b = 2), I added them up to 149, then I
noticed that if you look for the 148th chapter of
deathnote, you would have to wrap around to chapter
41, the name of this chapter is "Matsuda" however, chapter 42's name is "Heaven" which I am sure this is a clue to where MM will place the next group of body parts because this code is remarkingly similar to the code the character BB (from the novel "Deeathnote: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases") left at his first crime scene which led to his next, but, in the book BB sent the police a clue that could have led them to his first crime before it happened so see if you can find out if anything odd was sent to the belgian police.


In the end of BB murder cases, B.B. tried burn himself to death and make it look like a murder. I advize you to read the book,it's a good short read and you would understand this code better and might find another clue in the book.

what if you add them up and

what if you add them up and multiply by 2?
From there being two notes?


In that case, you get chapter 82 "Himself" which is followed by chapter 83 "Delete".


I am sorry, I meant chapter 84 "Coincidence" then Chapter 85 "Election"


As I have said before, I HATE MATH!!!
ha ha ha


I have to leave for today (date), but please put some thought into this new info.


Try not to get killed, unless it helps the case.

heaven, matsuda, delete and

heaven, matsuda, delete and election, lets see, I think there's a link between them other than the fact that they are chapters in the series. Matsuda, despite being an idiot in the series was theone who shot kira, so I think that this killer believes that only the least suspected can harm him. Because most of the team here are kids I believe that in this case we're Matsuda. Heaven plays a major part in both death note and real life in deathnote's case, the users of the book can't go to heaven or hell. in the killer's case since he thinks he's kira he believes that he can't go to heaven or hell also. Delete is the word Mikami always uses when he kills the people in death note, So the killer thinks he is deleting people rather than killing him. Election has to do with politics, and politics have to do with running teir share of the world. and in the killer's point of view, the whole world belongs to him or more likely revolves around him.


Wolf, I'm sorry but please forget about chapter 82 "Himself" and 83 "Delete" because I only mentioned them by mistake, I meant chapters 84 "Coincidence" and 85 "Election", however your ideas on chapters 42 "Matsuda" and 43 "Heaven" except when you said that users of the deathnote can't go to heaven or hell, in volume 12, Ryuk says "There is no heaven or hell, no matter what you're alive, everybody goes to the same place once you die. Death is equal." Which means MM's perspective is that if bad people won't be punished after they die, they should be punished while alive.

My theory is this, MM wrote to notes, one to the police and one to his folowers, The "Matsuda" and "Heaven" chapters were messages to his folowers and the messages were, 1. be careful of who you trust, and 2. punish the evil whilee they're still alive. The messages to the police were the "Coincidence" and "Election" chapters and the messages were 1. an expaination for himself (this chapter is about Mikami's back story which shows the deaths of people around him and how he got the power of his "god") and 2. he is going to elect his first follower I figureed that was the message because in this chapter Takada is selected as Kira's representative and later is given pages of the deathnote in order to kill ciminals.


I believe this shows that MM belieeves only smart people are worthy of being friends or enemies.


I think MM just compimented us.

Coinincidence......Wait a

Coinincidence......Wait a minute I got it Ithink the killer was telling the police that the fact that his messages relating to Death note is a coincidence.


But that implies that he had deathnote in mind when writing the code but didn't want to be part of deathnote

hmm...pretty good wolf

hmm...pretty good wolf ingenius even my theory is between matsuda then "delete" which in this case i associate with exterminate as well as sakujo perhaps its a code that means something like...
"The fools will be exterminated"
since i believe these are the two main parts.

PS: I can't help but feel that we are going the wrong way with this...maybe we should back up to the medical based facilities of belgium and investigate those further?


The folowing is my revised theory of MMs identity.

In 1996 and 1997, the "trash bag killer", who was a medical student at the time (explains his surgical cuts) killed his last victom when a fellow medical student (explains HIS cuts), MM, wittnessed the murder and while filled with disgust, killed the man he probibly knew from class and kept him in a freezer to remind him what happens to bad people and after 10 years read a certain manga and devised a plan to lead the world down the righteous path by inspiring other psychos around the world to enforce the kira way.


I know ten years seem like a long time but in the mind of a psycho, life is already a hellish repetition, again I express my sympathy twords the victom, future victom, and most of all, MM

Ten years is enough time to

Ten years is enough time to become a professor at the school or...janitor =/ but BREAKTHROUGH he could have killed TK and hid the body at his house in a deep freezer but to make him fit TK would need to be chopped up! After finding out that he would soon be transferred to a different area MM figured he would need to get rid of the body and dumped it in the park! Placing several parts of TK around and possibly only leaving the notes to scare people or get them off his trail! Or maybe after reading DN and looking at TK's remains he felt like kira urging him to leave the notes! Other parts of TK may have degraded or been left behind or even brought with MM!

...heh,and earlier today i felt like the matsuda of the group.

ps: wolf and near, don't you think we sound a little like LMN?


Thank you, V, but I truly think MM believes in what he's doing and that he plans to discard the remaininng body parts bit by bit each with codes that will further inspire followers and insult the police, also, I predict that the last body parts will be the head, hands, and anything else needed to identify the victom wraped inside a trash bag, the message would be, "I killed the trash bag killer, I am a hero of this new world."


If you're right, then I'm N, you're M, Wolf's L, and the guy with username true kira is Misa.
Ha Ha Ha.

We have so many excellent

We have so many excellent theories, but I think my earlier one and your inspire/infect theories as well as wolf's being here the longest and all the between the lines theories he has really make this an interesting case.

PS: We are going off topic a little but the only thing different about Mello and I is the way S.Yagami would be handled I would kill him as soon as I saw him with the death note.

PSS: We need Wolf's thoughts on these recent theories.

These are good theories, who

These are good theories, who knows you guys could be my successors. well it's kinda ironic that you think I was like L, becaus L is my middle intial.


I agree, V, I think it's hard to believe that one person alone has all the answers, maybe MM does though, Ha Ha


What did S. Yagami ever do to you?


Wolf is probibly in bed, it's 11:00 PM, wait, I just thought of somthing, I'm in Florida, America, tell me where you guys are and wecould discuss changes of infection based on location.

I am still here, I was just

I am still here, I was just waiting for a response.

Lets see...I also am

Lets see...I also am floridian and Yagami umm...OH! He took the eyes even though he was half dead anyway cuz he wanted to be the hero instead of having light or matsuda do it!

and...LOL Hurricane L. Wolf

a hypothetical question

If one uf us was MM who would you first suspect?


Me, I seem a little too smart.


The voice in my head agrees.
Ha Ha Ha

really? all the voice in my

really? all the voice in my head does is sing...badly but i got the rm3 player in there too so...


Your voice can sings!?! Mine only chants crazy stuff like, murder is sexy, vote republican, and so on.


I do not advocate sexy murder.