"User Review" System Added to DLSite.com English

Earn Some Points by Writing a Review, Get Free Products from DLSite.com!

HERNDON, VA - September 13, 2007 - DLSite.com announced their recently added User Review system. If your review is posted, you'll receive 50 points that can be used to purchase products from DLSite.com. To write a review, you just need to register (free) at DLSite.com.

Also, if you become the first three to write a review on a particular product, you will receive additional 100 points!

Reviewer Rankings and Newly Submitted Review List are also being added. They will be greatly helpful when you decide which product to choose from.

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Furthermore, Wish List and Play-for-free FLASH games are also going to be added to DLSite.com very soon, so please keep your eyes open!

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