"Affiliate Program" Introduced at DLSite.com

Do you have a website? Join the DLSite Affiliate Program and start earning DLSite Points today!!

HERNDON, VA - April 14, 2008 - DLSite.com today announced their recently added affiliate program. If you own a website, start earning some points and get some free products from DLSite.com!

As a member of the DLSite Affiliate Program, you are offered the following commission.

Silver Partner 5% (Total revenue generated last month: \0 JPY - \49,999 JPY incl. tax)

Gold Partner 7% (Total revenue generated last month: \50.000 JPY - \299,999 JPY incl. tax)

Platinum Partner 10% (Total revenue generated last month: \300,000 JPY + incl. tax)

DLSite.com provides thousands of Doujin items such as Doujinshi, CG collection, game, novel, music, and utility tool via online.

Many titles are available in English, and are in data format and can be downloaded instantly 24/7/365.

To learn more about DLSite Affiliate Program, please see:

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