Eiichiro Oda Reveals Weekly Shonen Jump's Ranking Formula

Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump is known for canceling its series (even the 2ch Early Sales info is called the "Cancellation Survival Race"). Each issue of Shonen Jump comes with a survey postcard that asks its readers to vote for their favorite series. Every week, manga serialized in Jump are ranked from most popular to least popular. Usually the less popular series tend to enjoy a very short lifespan.

Weekly Jump Readers' Journal is reporting that Eiichiro Oda revealed in the latest volume of One Piece how Weekly Jump ranks its series:

Jump does not order the manga based on popularity from the week before. It's true that popular series are in front, but the actual order is decided from week to week by the editor-in-chief.

Basically, it may show the postcards do affect ranks, but it's mostly up to the editor himself.

Note this may or may not be how Jump actually ranks their series, as the method has not been confirmed by Shueisha (and likely never will).