Toranoana Launches New Web Manga Magazine

Japanese doujinshi shop Toranoana has launched a new webzine called Comic Holic (ComiHoli). Manga from this web manga magazine will be published in tankoubon form by Fox Shuppan under the Fox Comics imprint.

Comic Holic currently serializes two web comics, a new series called Fukuyomo by Sato Horokura, and Shiawase Momoringo by Usakun, which used to be serialized on Toranoana's website.

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I expected this from Toranoana

Shiawase Momoringo is... I'm not sure what to say other than this is the type of manga I would expect from Toranoana. They haven't disappointed me LOL

Well, lets just wait and see what type of manga will be the other manga that will be serialized on that site.

Shiawase Momoringo is a very

Shiawase Momoringo is a very cute manga, good to hear news about it.