Orange Lighthouse and Trend Pro Launches New U.S. Manga Advertising Business

According to Send2Press, Orange Lighthouse, Inc., in an exclusive partnership with Trend Pro, Inc., has just launched is the U.S. division of Trend Pro's Ad-Manga program. The new division will offer manga contents for advertising to U.S. companies:

The Manga generation in the U.S. is growing quickly, and to attract them, and to inform them about new products and services, or to educate them on complicated matters, Manga is an effective tool and will open a new era for business advertising.

Source: Active Anime

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Elfen Lied

Hi my name is Emily and have a question to ask the company of the US production of japan manga. I would like to ask why the US did not use Elfen Lied in there production of television. I know alot of peolpe and you can check online of how many people enjoy the production of Elfen Lied. I am asking when will the US put up the manga Elfen Lied? I understand that it contains material that is not suited for children under age and i understand that putting it on adult swim is a tempting choice but i promise you the rating will go so far up it will the most popular show on adult swim since Inuyasha. My quest is to beable to watch the Elfen Lied manga in the US in english.