Beijing Bans Horror Books in Response to Death Note Threats

Reuters reports that Beijing is banning and seizing horror books to "protect the 'physical and mental health' of its youngsters." Among the books seized was Death Note, which appeared on China's national TV last week.

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I can't say i fully agree. It is the choice China and surroundings has to make. I do believe that the show can have a negative influence on children their lives, emotions and the way they deal with certain things. A country as big as China can't have great groups acting different from the rest of the country. Now i saw Death Note myself. And just like any other person with atleast the smallest amount of motivation and information about the world, i wouldn't mind having one of those myself. Just the thought alone is what scares the Chinese goverment. I do see their point in banning it, but personally i see Death Note as a very usefull show to teach children and people from all ages that there is alot of "evil" in the world. Death Note describes thát almost perfectly. And i do think everyone should see it. Learn from it. Don't take the whole idea, just the philosophy behind it.

death notes

China is a country that like so many others, even including our own- is built on the 3 C's: Corruption, Controversy, and Conspericy. If you take a look at what they are doing to there country right now, it shows that -history repeats itself- They are like an over-ruling dynasty, trying to control their people. There are cover-ups, and restrictions- for example various look-ups and websites of the internet are heavily restricted such as pages, sites, and info on the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989, and even Youtube is blocked. Pretty soon, they will become like North korea.
This is clearly another action that they took to try and take control of something that they couldnt handle in any other way. Oh-alass..They are not alone for america does this as well. So far, 4 states' school districts have banned death note manga as well as death note note books (replicas and noted) from being in school-which on a level, violates a right or two, dont you think so? But something china and the U.S. have in common, they are scared people in their sub-concsciance- something they do not know of or about scares them on the inside, so in tern they take it away, ban it, anything they can to rid themselves of worry and a returning hint of fear for something of the worst. We now see before us with these two actions something that is becoming a modern day Salem.