China Death Note Problem Appears on National TV

On May 10th, China Central Television (CCTV), one of the largest television network in China, reported a story on a recent Death Note incident in Nanning City, Guangxi, where adults discovered among elementary school students a popular game that involves "cursing and predicting the death of others through the use of a death notebook."

The report claims that Death Note is not healthy for young children, and encourages parents to protect their children from it.

Source: Yahoo! Japan

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I never expected the Death

I never expected the Death Note incidents to become such a huge issue in China, but my thoughts are, unless children are actually murdering the people whose names they write in the Death Note or are attempting to, then there really isn't a problem. If the parents really don't like what their children are doing, then perhaps they need to sit down and have a talk with their children about the difference between fantasy and reality rather than pointing fingers at Death Note. I want to know, really, what it is they are supposed to "shield" their children from, because if it's about murder and death, children are going to eventually see it sometime in their lives.

The ironic thing about the entire thing is that the main idea of Death Note is questioning whether or not killing any human being is ever justifiable.

Who are these people?

They even exxagerated the real report!


lol i find this soo funny

lol i find this soo funny the fact that ADULTS are actualy scared but of what that the notebooks real lmao not a chance and its not like the kids are killing them as someone has already said.

now the report about someone murdering a person and cutting them to shreds so they cant be identifed and putting a note next to the victim saying Watashi wa Kira dess which means i am kira or something similar now that was something i found extramly hilarious yes sick byt hilarious

Death Note Overexaggeration

These people...well, those of you who live in asian families would know how asian parents exaggerate, actually make that adults. They always exaggerate. If they say death, then they would immediately say the Notebook is just bad. While its true that people who buy the notebook already know that its fake (u can't really kill pple by using the notebook), however, adults' main concern is that even the slightest thought of killing may be probable thru the interest of this notebook. Lastly, I agree that the adults are they always do, this is China we're talking about, they're quite strict about school at times.

LOL, the people in China

LOL, the people in China must be on something. They've blown this entire thing way out of proportion. They should all lighten up. I can't wait to see what comes next!

screwed justice

if you think this is out of proportion , just go to the States! the arrested two 12 year olds for death note possession and suspended about 12 others.
The death note is mostly a collectors item, but if they are found with names written in, does anyone stop to think as to why they'd be written? People who purchase the death note notebook have obviusly seen something in relation to the anime or manga. they know what would happen should the notebook have been real. so do they wonder what could have happened to cause someone to strive to these measures? noooooo, they punch first and ask questions later. maybe we do need kira to straighten us out.
Besides all this, the death note is also used for cosplay. ever think of that, fbi agents? too bad L isn't real, either.

I remember when I was a kid,

I remember when I was a kid, they said the same thing about Transformers...

Okay, MAYBE Elementary

Okay, MAYBE Elementary school students fascinated by death and killing is a LITTLE overbearing, but this has sparked nationwide contraversy over nothing. Most of the people who have had these confiscated are old enough to know the difference between right and wrong and are doing this only as a fad. I am an american 8th grade student, and Death note is the 2nd most popular manga over here, I personally love it and carry a death note i bought on the internet. I write people's names in only as a way of calming myself after something pisses me off. It's not lie because of this, somebody will die, or even be injured at all. LIGHTEN UP YOU FREAKING HYPOCRITES.


I have noticed how people(Officers, teachers, and students alike) have been doing things like this for years, i have looked into diffrent animes and saw that a young boy had died from being submerged in sand, aperently it was a recreation of 'gaara' from 'naruto', things like this has been going on ever since Anime had been intodused to north amarica and had spead across the globe, so i wouldn't take this to heart, but i have also noticed how almost all populer anime has at least one of these things that parents find evil about them, so really it's a falttery, not an insult or reason to stop reading or watching. The truth is, our parents just want to protect us, if you don't like it simply ask them to lay off, you are old enough to know whats right, and whats wrong. What's real and what not. Just so you know, i'm a 13 year old, 8th grafe, canadain Girl. yes, a Female L in waiting.