Follow-Up Letter from Shueisha on Monthly Shonen Jump's Suspension

The June issue of Monthly Shonen Jump came with another letter from its Editorial Department regarding the suspension of Monthly Jump. The letter also contains more information on the future of the magazine's serializations:

Gag Manga Biyori, Rosario + Vampire and Tegami Bachi are all going to be moved to Weekly Shonen Jump. After the launch of the new magazine, these works will be serialized in the new magazine.

The specific serialization schedule of Claymore, Gyagu Manga Biyori, Rosario + Vampire and Tegami Bachi swill be announced in Weekly Jump.

The transfer process for Mahou Dukai Kurohime and Passacaglia [Op.7] is currently being adjusted. We will announce the details in the July issue of Monthly Jump, which will be available on June 6th.

We're very sorry to all the readers. Thank you for your support.

May 2nd, 2007
Monthly Shonen Jump Editorial Department

Source: Ultimatum Talk

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Source: *Ultimatum Talk

Hoho the one time I use

Hoho the one time I use Oroshi, someone picks it up!