A Letter from Shueisha on Monthly Shonen Jump, its Serializations and A New Magazine

topThe May issue of Monthly Shonen Jump came with a letter from its Editorial Department that talks about the suspension of Monthly Jump, and what will happen to its current serializations.

According to the letter, Norihiro Yagi's Claymore will be temporarily serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump; however, new chapters will still come out only once a month. A new manga magazine will be launched later this fall. The new magazine will continue the serialization of a majority of the Monthly Jump series, including Claymore. Below is a translation of the letter:

It has been over 37 years since Monthly Shonen Jump's creation in 1970. On June 6th, Monthly Shonen Jump will be discontinued after the publication of the July special "super extra large" issue.

We would like to thank you for reading this letter. Although Monthly Jump will be discontinued, Shueisha plans to carry on its 37 years of achievements by creating a brand new manga magazine this fall.

More information on the new magazine will be available on Weekly Shonen Jump.

As of this writing, several works currently serialized in Monthly Jump are already going to be carried over to the new magazine.

As for Claymore, the anime adaptation of which just began airing, the manga will temporarily be serialized monthly on Weekly Shonen Jump, and later be taken over the new magazine.

Other series that will be carried over to the new magazine are currently still in the works, more information will be available in the June issue of Monthly Jump, on sale May 2nd.

We are truly sorry to put all of our audiences through so much trouble.

April 6th, 2007
Monthly Shonen Jump Editorial Department

Source: Ultimatum Talk