Kodansha Launches Mandala - New International Manga Magazine

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Morning, Kodansha has released a new comic magazine titled Mandala. An "unprecedented" international manga magazine, Mandala contains 15 works by artists from 6 different countries: France, Italy, China, Korea, Singapore and Japan. According to Kodansha:

We will provide color illustrations by elite artist in their full glory, let the "Manga World Cup" begin in this magazine. The future of manga starts from here!

Works featured in Mandala include:

  • Sankai no Susa by Gonta King
  • baobab by IGORT
  • Bar by SERA
  • Out Of The Blue by Mafuyu Hiroki
  • KRA! by NEMIRI
  • TRIBAL GEAR by Yuuki Izumi
  • Match Shoujo by Sanami Suzuki
  • Akuma Kishi by Go Nagai and Dynamic Pro
  • Pet house by Youji Fukuyama
  • CUT vs.RamaRRo by PALUMBO
  • Stephanos by Boichi
  • FLUSH by FSc
  • Memory by Lu Ming


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drop a hello

it's very interesting!
is this magz will be published continuosly?
is it accepted manga from other country as well afterwards?

i like to see more!