Mangaka Emiko Sugi Passes Away


Mangaka Emiko Sugi passed away on February 10th at the Yokohama city hospital at the age of 47. The cause of death was stomach cancer. Emiko, known for her shojo series such as Luv Clinic, Ai Girl and Get You, debuted as a mangaka in 1977. According to Shogakukan, her works have sold over 18,000,000 volumes.

Source: excite

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just finished reading the english translations of Ai Girl, one of Emiko Sugi's most famous works. It's deeply saddening that she's passed on.

I'm feel sad to hear that I

I'm feel sad to hear that
I 've read some of her manga.
Her works r great.............

too early...

her work will always live on she was to early to die 47...makes me think of my mom...who knows