ANS Announces New Subscription Based Biweekly Newsletter

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Anime News Service has announced plan to offer its content in the form of a new pay-subscription based "Print Exclusive Newsletter," which will be released on a bi-weekly basis.

"Regarding the website, daily updates will continue, and we'll drop a few exclusive news items here and there to drum up interest in what you should expect to see in the newsletter but our update schedule and volume will be cut back drastically. Our exclusive features will also appear here and there from time to time on the site, as will press releases and more commonly accessible fare."


The first issue will be dated March 1st, 2007 and begin shipping that week. Regular publication schedule will see new issues release on the 1st and 15th of every month. A 26 issue, 1 year subscription will cost $100 (USD) for those inside the USA and $150 (USD) for those outside the USA. The costs will cover shipping and handling to your mailbox. Back issues will be made available at $5 per copy.

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Interesting move. I wonder

Interesting move. I wonder if they realize they might have to start actually citing all of their sources if they go print?


wouldn't this affect some news sites that depends on ANS?

do you guys know any other good alternative anime news site?

What news sites depends on

What news sites depends on ANS? It's not like most of their news are exclusive or anything, an then there's ANN, AnimeOnDVD (with a great forum), etc.