Precocious Curmudgeon Switches to WordPress

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Thanks for the link!

Thanks for the link!

Blogging software

So many blogs today are using WordPress, I'm guessing mainly because of its easy of use and user-friendliness? It'll be interesting to hear people's experiences with WordPress, and why not some other blogging software, such as Movable Type or Textpattern.

I went with WordPress

I went with WordPress because I liked the ease of use and the extra features (like categories). But I don't post too many images or do anything resembling creative formatting, so I don't have too many needs as a blogger. It appealed to my laziness and lack of technical savvy. ;-)

WordPress becoming too popular and then?

One has to wonder, with WordPress becoming more and more popular, will it stay the free and user-friendly blogging software it is today? Or will future versions go the way of commercial license (a la Movable Type), or become too bloated for its own good.