Fruits Basket Manga Ending in Japan

Fruits Basket, the popular shojo manga by Natsuki Takaya, has finally ended in issue 24 of Hakusensha's manga anthology Hana to Yume (final chapter 136). Fruits Basket is currently being published in the U.S. by Tokyopop.

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Bai Bai Furuba =(

*sigh* It was such a wonderful series. It's hard to believe that it has already ended. *starts to cry*

I just started reading it,

I just started reading it, I've only finished the second book and I'm already hooked. I can pretty much tell Kyo-kun and Tohru-kun will end up together. =3

I can't wait until I get to read the third book! I wonder who will break the curse? I'll probably cry when it ends too. =(

I totaly agree, but sins i

I totaly agree, but sins i have no clue if i can get the manga in english and thay stoped making it in movie format il just have to wait and see...

A Fruits Basket Manga spoiler

First, Tohru will help break the curse, but really Akito releases the bonds between the spirits because SHE is "God". Yes, Akito is a she. if you don't believe me check out, find the fruits basket link,then read away. If you want to know if Akito is a girl they tell a lot later in the series. Well,I not saying anything else. Except that Ayame is a loving but sick minded brother of Yuki! Thanks for reading this manga spoiler!

Love Always (Furuba)

yes yes i totaly agree. It WAS such a wonderful series and i never wanted it to end. I cried my eyes out, it was so depressing, even though it was a happy ending.

I just wish it didnt end...*bursts into tears*

good bye.

Fruits Basket was just so fantastic, i really didn't want it to end. I agree with the other comments. I litteraly CRIED my eyes out because I didn't want it to end and because it was just a happy ending! I'm happy for everyone in it, they're now free. I'm mostly happy for Tohru and Kyo-kun too :)

the end of furuba is the end of the world.

well i didn't read the manga so instead i watched it on youtube. damn they gotta make a furuba part two. if they don't the world will truly end.


u said u watched it on youtube? to what episode number?

I Hated the end, hate, hate

I Hated the end, hate, hate hate.

I Did cry but I really think the end was boring...I Heard that Torhu and Kyo where going to fall in love and the curse would be broken-I Bought the whole thing and watched it. I loved it but when it started to get to the end it kinda just changed completely, it got really sad and I didn't find the end very happy- It made me more upset because I wanted to know what happened after that. Being me, I'm now pissed and want to know if they are accutaly going to make Fruba 2. E-mail me if you have any info and I would be 100x happier :) Thanks.

wait, you said you 'bought

wait, you said you 'bought the whole thing and watched it'. you're talking about the anime right? if so, read the manga. it goes on way beyond where the anime ended and is so freaking awesome. >o< and the ending is an actual ending and doesn't leave you hanging imo, but if you are talking about the manga and you say you wanted to know what happened afterr volume 136, i'd be confused. xD cause i think the ending went far enough. i dont know what else i would want to see happen.

- f.

I wonder...

I was just thinking, or rather hoping that the series of fruits basket would carry on y'know, like instead of 26 it should carry on and complete the whole story. I really hope it does because i am having a fettish over fruits basket!!! =] And because I really want to see chapter 122 on the tv or computer!!!

goodbye forever

the series was so wonderful....i hate to see it go...
*starts to cry*
but...i'm glad for kyoXtohru and everything...that was good..'s all over now though....*crys* =[

a happy ending, but a longing for the story to go on...

so sad, the manga's ending was so beautiful. It felt like everything just tied together and after the last page, you realize, "that's it?.." Even though the story is finished, its spirit will continue on.

but it's still so sad!!! ahhh

I don't always agree that

I don't always agree that series should have sequels, but Fruits Basket really should because I feel that the breaking of the curse is really a beginning and a new plot can have recurring characters as well as new ones. I think that if there was a sequel I would be most interested in following Tohru and Kyo, and Yuki's new lives in the dojo and the university. Imagine if they had babies >_< but really any story from this author would be great, and cameos from previous characters would be so cool

Japanese v/s English

Is it true that the japanese ending is different from the english one?


i just got hooked on fruits basket, but i cant find a website that shows issue 24 anywhere in english!!!! please, could somebody give me a link???????


i got one

- Link Deleted -
go to the top and to select manga
under that ull see fruits basket, they have every chapter

I know it's never really

I know it's never really been stated in the rules, but please don't ask for/provide ways or links to places where you can download licensed manga ^^;

I don't know. I loved the

I don't know. I loved the manga so much in the beginning, but near the end it got so twisted that I stopped reading. It started off all innocent and happy, but the Kureno-Akito-Shigure thing just made me depressed, and as bad as it might sound, I really don't think Akito deserved the happy ending. I would actually preferred it if the ending had held some of the innocence there was in the beginning.

It's really worth it to read

It's really worth it to read it through the end. Yes it was depressing but if you actually read it all the way through you would understand Akito's position in everything and yes he did get a happy ending but it was well deserved. the ending had much of the purity as the beginning as well. It was so wonderful it practically made me cry.


I'm addicted to the series, but I have yet to know the true ending of the Manga.

I'm glad it's happy, but I'd like to know specifics.

Will anybody e-mail me little hints about the end?
Any deaths or despairs?

oh, my e-mail

oh, my e-mail is



does it show kyo and tohru's son at the end of the manga? and the anime only goes up to 26, right? oh and also will they make more anime for the rest of the chapters, or are they stoping at 26??????????????

The manga is 23 volumes (136

The manga is 23 volumes (136 chapters). The kid at the end is Kyo and Tohru's grandchild.


I... sort of liked the ending.

But I felt bad for Momiji.

I also felt bad for Hanajima...

So it's mixed feelings.

The best manga ever!!!

This wasn't the 1st anime i loved but the first manga i got hooked on. I've started so many mangas but never ended them and was never interested about their endings. Furuba was the one that started my love for Shojo mangas. It is by far the best Shojo ever created. The ending didn't satisfy me eventhough it was the ending i always wanted from the beginning. I felt so sorry for Momiji and i loved how Yuki had his own group of friends but i didn't like the way he got with (forgot her name) was too sudden and i JUST needed something more to have happened between them before they could like eachother =/
I was thrilled about Kyo's ending but i also wanted him to find out the truth about Tohru's mother's last words. Eventhough Kyo and Tohru get married etc i didn't like the fact that we were taken that far along their life...i was hoping the ending would have like a banquet a few years prior the end of the curse and with some of the characters married with children and Momiji would be a hottie etc =P
I LOVE Shigure (he's so much like me - yes i AM inlove with myself =P) i'm also year of the dog =P. I think he's the cutest character and the most sensitive one and i'm happy that he finally got what he wanted. I didn't like Hatori being with (forgot her name too =P) i wanted more on his story as with every other character. People keep saying that there was more character concentration in the manga but this still didn't satisfy me. Each person has their favourite character so each one expects more detail on their favourite. I soooooo hope we get Furuba2...I need it!!!
I started looking at Natsuki's newest manga but i don't think it has the same magic as Furuba BUT you never know...maybe it will develop...hopefully =}


i cant believe its over *tears gushing* the story was so sweet, i cried so hard on the last page:(

Ohhhhhhhhhhh why??

Nooooooo, why does it have to end that way. >_< Its so sad that everyone have to part and move to a new life. I have mixed feelings about this, I do like the ending but a BIG part of me just doesn't want the series to end. I know it sounds contradicting but that is what I feel ~ *SNIFF* And, is Agito a girl or a guy?? Totally confusing @_@ Ohhhhh... please revive FRUIT BASKET !!

momiji kun!?

oh plz plz no what happens bad to poor momiji kun!!



ok, this is driving me nuts. I kno that someone said that the girl at the end of Fruits Basket was like their grandchild or something....but on another site(totally forgot which one)they said that the kid was Hiro's daughter or something.....WHO THE HELL IS THE FREACKING KID!!!!...

I agree...they should continue fruits basket...I wanna see how everyone turned out in the end!

The little girl that appears

The little girl that appears on the end of the manga is clearly the grandchild of Tooru and Kyo. And I suppose that the man is their son and the woman wich the girl calls "mama" is his wife, not?
Well, the ending was nice, but I also don't like all of the characters to be so apart, and plus I would like to see Tooru and Kyo as parents of their childs, not grandparents. I mean, it would be pretty nice to show Tooru and Kyo not so old, and maybe about 30 years old, with their kids still little. But, anyways I liked the whole manga and the end too. It's really one of those mangas wich you could buy and read over and over again.

yea i mean as much i was for

yea i mean as much i was for the whole tohru and kyo forever thing...i hoped the ending would be like maybe 10 years later, where everyone is gathered round at the sohma estate, with their children and partners continuing the tradition of the banquet...a less oppressive one, more of a happy kinda family vibe...


that's exactly what i wanted! i wanted to know what was happening ten years later... i wanted to see the wedding, their first kid, how the other sohmas were doing... y'know, things like that.

seeing kyo and tohru so many years later makes me sad 'cause hatori and the others are even older!

i guess you could say i'm a little disappointed with the ending.

did tohru ended up with Yuki

did tohru ended up with Yuki in the end. because i m half way there n ireally want yuki and Tohru 2 b 2gether!!

Sorry to break the news

No they didn't and it sucks. Well, frankly, I saw the Anime and I thought they portrayed it too much as if Yuki and Tohru would end up together, sadly in the Anime the ending is crap-tastic and she doesn't end with either. Rather it DOESN'T SPECIFY! I wish this kind of Anime had a warning label: will end inconclusive. Worse of all to know that in actuality the Manga ends so differently it's heart breaking to anyone who doesn't read Manga and sees Anime.


I love dis manga book but i would like kyo and Honda to
be together at the end.