Sold More Than 20,000 books in 2 Months

Tags:, a online manga store known for its unique business of selling complete sets of old manga series, recently announced that they have sold more than 20,000 manga since they opened months ago., supported by TORICO, launched on August 1st earlier this year. The online manga store sells only complete sets of used manga, meeting the demands of those who "want to read 'that' manga in one sitting," those who "want to read 'that' good old comic once again," and those who "want to spend all day of a holiday on reading 'that' masterpiece at home."

MangaZenkan's business strategy was thought to be a concentrated niche practiced by very few. However, the website's good start implies that there are hidden promising markets in anime-related areas. The company aims to expand into different markets, including drinks and food to help customers enjoy their holidays.

Although one may be surprised by MangaZenkan's selling 20,000 copies in 2 months, the figure can be reasonable, taking into consideration that they are selling a lot of goods in a bundle. A more interesting question is: "how many volumes of manga are in one set, and has been purchase all at once."