New Online Comics Store Sells Complete Set of Old Manga


A new online comics store,, opened on August 1st. Although nowadays it is common for people to purchase DVD or books online, Manga-Zenkan is very unique in that it only sells complete set of old manga series. is run by TORICO Corp. The store aims to let its customers "read interesting manga in one go," "read old manga and bring back memories," and "relax while reading masterpieces." also aims to become a comic store that specializes in serving adults who want to read manga not only at a manga cafe but also at home.

People like to read great manga series all at once, but it's not always possible to buy the complete set at a used-bookstore or "brand-new" bookstore. In addition, popular manga series are published over 10 or even 20 volumes, which make it hard to buy the complete set and take the books home. Online stores like is very useful for buying whole series at once, TORICO Corp. is going in the right direction because average sale per customer increases when buying a whole series.

However, is a bookstore specialized in manga, and selling complete sets of manga is in itself a niche business that relies on the internet. It will be interesting to see if will be able to survive.