Go! Comi At Anime Expo

Go! Comi will be holding a panel at Anime Expo on Sunday, July 2nd, at 5:00 PM in Live Programming Room #2. Mick Takeuchi, the creator of Go! Comi's best-selling series "Her Majesty's Dog" will be participating. At the panel Go! Comi will announce several new series. Go! Comi wi'll also do an extensive presentation, and discuss "Her Majesty's Dog" with Takeuchi-sensei. Expect a few surprises as well!

In addition, Go! Comi is running a "Wear & Win" contest throughout the con. Go! Comi will be giving away thousands of "Her Majesty's Dog" dog-tags during the events they're sponsoring -- the Saturday Night AX Dance, the Mini-masquerade and the Masquerade Ball on Sunday -- as well as at our booth. Members of the Go! Prize Patrol will be constantly scouring the convention, giving free manga, T-shirts and other goodies to wearers of the dog-tags at hourly intervals!

Mick Takeuchi will also be making an appearance at our booth (#1230) Monday afternoon at 2:00, where she will hand out prizes in Go! Comi's booth raffle.