According to Weekly Shounen Jump's early sales information, Death Note (Story by Tsugumi Ooba, Art by Takeshi Obata) will be ending in Shounen Jump issue 24, on sale May 15th.

Also from the early sales info regarding new Death Note products:

- TV Anime adaption
- Game adaption this winter
- Tribute album will be released in June

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Kyoto Seika University starts a new manga critique magazine

Kyoto Seika University has recently established the first manga faculty in Japan this spring. Moreover, they will be starting a manga critique magazine titled "KINO". Starting this month, it will be on sale throughout bookstores across the country.

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The first issue of Comic Seed! has been released.

Publisher Poplar, mostly known for its childrens' publications, bought out fellow publisher Jive, a subisidary of major toy & game maker Takara dealing primarily in novels and manga, as part of its continuing efforts to expand the scope of its business.

The release date of Takeshi Obata's Blanc et Noir has been moved from 5/2 to 5/31. The special edition Death Box's release date is still May 2nd.

Play Magazine Online has posted an interview with Andy Seto - the creator for The Four Constables. [ Full Interview ]

According to Shounen Sunday, Detective Conan (Case Closed) will be on break for two months as its creator Gosho Aoyama takes a break.

Source: ANN

Kodansha will be starting a new free web comic, MiChao!, through its MouRa website, which will open on April 27th. MaChao!, updated every Saturday, will be providing its user with free manga and illustrations, along with other contents such as photogravure, fortune-telling, and novels. Unlike other web-based manga service before, MaChao! will serialize original titles, some will even be created by well-known authors.

V Asahi / ABC will be airing Dear Doraemon Specials on April 21st and 28th with the old Doreamon voice cast.

Saint Seiya will be revived in next week's Shounen Champion. Unlike the recent Saint Saiya Episode G by Okada Megumu (serializes in Champion Red), here, this time the original creator for Saint Seiya, Masami Kurumada, will be responsible for the revival.

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