Not enough moe? Expect two more moe-related products from Eagle Publishing to be released on 6/23.

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Sunrise's upcoming mecha anime Code Geass: Rebellion of Lelouch will feature orginal character designs by Clamp, while the anime-adapted designs will be done by Takahiro Kimura.

Naruto volume 10 placed No. 42 on USA Today Top 150 list for the week ending June 11th.

From Ikaros Shobo comes a new bishoujo magazine called MC☆Axis. The first issue will be released on 6/20.

ShoujoBeat now has its own MySpace account.

Manga top 10 according to Tohan.

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Gantz fans rejoice.

FUNimation has licensed the anime Black Cat, based on the manga by Kentaro Yabuki, which ran in Weekly Shounen Jump and is currently being published by Viz Media.

The first issue of a new monthly shounen magazine from Leed titled Shounen Fang will be released on 7/19 (September Issue).

Rozen Maiden volume 7 Limited Edition will come with a 6cm tall "Shinku (Crimson) Figure," for 2940 yen.