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YaoiSuki has an extensive assortment of content available on their website including news, reviews, and columns, all written by its two-person staff. Content ranges from licensed yaoi, both manga and anime, to series that included easily-(and often-) slashed characters. News updates included licenses, con updates and fun, random tidbits that appeal to the site’s target audience as well as their frequently-updated release list of upcoming Boy's Love publications.

Community was an important part of the website, including a site forum and updates simultaneously posted to their sister-blogs on LiveJournal and Tokyopop. A joint-community effort of YaoiSuki and its creators is the YaoiWiki, an encyclopaedia of yaoi related information run off the Wikipedia system. YaoiSuki was also host to a contest sponsored by Yaoi Press to have readers guess the title of an upcoming release, Happy Yaoi Yum Yum.

In October 2007, YaoiSuki also had what it called 'The Yaoi Awards', awards given to yaoi series, creators and individual characters that they felt were deserving of the numerous categories including ones such as "Couple We'd Break Up" and "Best Uke". The awards acted as countdown to the 2007 Yaoi Con.

During its run, YaoiSuki also remained legally and morally minded about its visitors. Mature content was flagged and visitors had to sign up to view it, protecting any "virgin eyes" roaming the internet. Its Term of Use outlined rules intended to protect the site, its visitors and the enjoyment of all involved.

When all was said and done on the site itself, YaoiSuki also had its SwagShop, an online store run via Café that offered a variety of clothing sporting quirky catch-phrases and pro-Yaoi/Yuri slogans.


A typical YaoiSuki frontpage.

The end of YaoiSuki.

The YaoiSuki forum.

The YaoiWiki.

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