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Well, first of all, never take my word again when I say "the next Backstage feature will be r34lly s00n!" Since apparently I'm extremely bad at managing my time, that and the fact I've been spending way too much time on games (Babo Violent 2 is a great free online multiplayer shooter, check it out!).

Still, it has been quite a while since the last article. I originally contacted the YaoiSuki crew about doing a Backstage in early March, around teh time when they first announced that the site would stop functioning. Gotta thank them for their patience. After doing a few of these Backstage features and talking to admin friends, one of the trend among site creators/authors/admins seems to be summed up by this interview response from Jordan:

The site stats were always good, better than expected. And other bloggers were definitely reading us and liking what we did. Though, we never got many comments and almost no feedback. We even ran a contest which was basically us begging for feedback. It was hard to stay motivated with so few responses.

This is soooo true, and I have to agree with it, as I've had the same experience with ComiPress, where there were very few comments (the current Death Note investigation comment discussion on the site is just weird, lol), and almost no one posts on the forum, although that one is partly my fault since I never really participated myself in the first place.

Hopefully the next Backstage won't take as long, but then again I said the same thing last time, so who knows? The only regret I have is, because of my "wait and see" attitude, I may never be able to get an interview from the likes of Love Manga and Irresponsible Pictures, which is a shame, people shouldn't forget about these old manga news blogs, back when aside from ANN and ANS occasionally reporting some manga news on the side, LM, IR and Manga Jouhou (which at the time I was a part of) were probably the only three sites completely dedicated to manga news. Look at the internet now, what a big change!

Anyway, big thanks to Jen Parker and Jordan Marks for their help, also big thanks to Lissa Pattillo, who pretty much wrote the history and content section, and Matthew Brady for his proofreading. And thanks to all the readers who still read this tiny little feature. ^^;

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