Ken Akamatsu Live-Talk Session


Ken Akamatsu, mangaka of Love Hina and Negima!, attended a live-talk session on October 11th, held by ANIME KAI in Shinjuku LOFT/PLUS ONE from 7:30 pm to 11:40 pm. The session consisted of three parts with 10 minutes breaks in between. Burning Heart of Moe, a Anime, Manga, and Game related news blog, has posted a summary and a list of fun facts from of the event:

- Before the show, Ken Akamatsu remarked: "I guess there are a lot of people who don't know who I am."

- Ken Akamatsu's script was written just before the show started.

- (Q: How did you become interested in Anime and Manga in the beginning?) "Sailor Moon was my starting point. Until I knew it, I was just an ordinary person."

- (Q: Who is your favorite character in Sailor Moon?) "You mean my favorite relationship in the show, right? My favorite relationship is between 'Mako and Ami'."

- "When I was a college student, I was writing my graduation thesis, creating Manga to apply for the "New Face Award," and taking an exam to become a book editor, all at the same time!"

- "After my Manga won a New Face Award, an editor, who was supposed to be my big boss, flunked me as an editor.”

About Negima

- (Q: How long will the story of Negima go on?) "Although I'll write until the graduation ceremony of Negima, it may depend on the wishes of the readers."

- "It is not impossible that I continue to write the story semi-permanently, because there are over 30 characters and many possible combinations.”

- "Although Keitaro (Love Hina) was a central character more of the Shonen Magazine type, Negi (Negima!) is more of a Shonen Jump character.”

- "Chisame was designed by Akamatsu himself, and she reflects his taste.”

- "Most of the other characters were created by Akamatsu"s assistants. If they ask Akamatsu to use a certain character they created, he would consider the request for as long as he could.”

- Akamatsu comments on the above paragraph: "I think it is good that they have special feeling for the characters than they don"t, right?"

- Although people assume that Akamatsu-sensei must love little girls, the truth is he likes
mature women himself.

- Akamatsu enjoys deep stories more than light love comedies.

- Akamatsu created five heroines in "Love Hina,” but he ran out of story. As a result Akamatsu"s next work (Negima!) has six times the number of heroines.

- Currently Akamatsu turns in 8 days worth of work every week, so he can get 5 times the regular break (Usually mangaka for Shonen Magazine gets one break for every 10 works they turn in).

- Akamatsu likes to go to hot spring on holidays. He didn't do any research on hot spring at all while writting "Love Hina.” Akamatsu"s assistants did the work instead.

Translated by Nakamoto

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The love hina animated series

The love hina animated series had run up to 24 episodes in the first season but had gotten cut off due to the budget (the 2 movies and the love hina again ova aswell as the 25th episode had been made due to some profit that had been generated) but the second season was never made so is there a chance that it may ever get completed or will it just stay unfinished

((im also a fan of A.I. Love you and i was kinda hoping there would be an animated show for that some day or a new series of manga about it all so if your looking for some food for thought ^-^ ))

love hina

why would you take such a great anime like Love Hina and scrunch it up into 26 episodes 3 OVAs and 2 specials after watching them you are thirsty for more MORE MORE.

Love Hina

I understand that 7 years ago the show ran out of budget... but isn't there a chance that Ken can start again? Does he just not want to? He's got to have made lots of money now. I realize he works his butt off, but maybe just have someone else write it and oversee it?

love hina

I Despritaly want the love hina series to be finnished! Or at Least bring out a 1 hour and a half movie of it or longer i only found out about the love hina series a few days ago and ive watched them all and i really want more of it some one needs to get intouch with the makers!


Ken, I think you should make another Love Hina series. After I watch all of it I was hunger for more excited finding a way to contact you to ask you (or beg) for more. When I watch Love Hina it made my life problem disappear because this so comedy and romantic serie!

Thanks ^^

I can use this interview for my project on Ken Akamatsu! ^^


I freaking loved the manga, the anime was good also but it skipped way too much and I feel like the anime was rushed. Anyways that manga was inspirational to me lol. But seriously Ken Akamatsu needs to make Love Hina 2 or something because this anime was way too good. PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER LOVE HINA PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am writer.. You inspire me (K. AKAMATSU) to be one.

One of my favorite anime is Love Hina; however, that changed when I stepped into the Negima world. I fell in love with Negi and Asuna, and Konoka and Setsuna. Since then I've written so many fanfics and had workshiped Konoka and Setsuna. I hope that Mr. Akamatsu, finishes the relationship that Konoka and Setsuna have... I would like to see my favorite character Setsuna be happy. I also wish for something to happen between Asuna and Negi. The original vs. remake. I would say that the coloring was much better on the remake, plus it had more action and the intereacts great. On the original, it gave a concept and a story line.

I would love to have 3rd season, or should I say 2nd? Where all the unknown questions about the relationships of the character comes to light.


I concur with your comment about going from Love Hina to Negima!Both were awesome anime,but Negima is much better in my eyes.My favorites are in order of top to bottom:Negi,Asuna,Evangeline,Setsuna,Konoka,Kaede,and Kei Fu.ALSO,i also would like to see something romantic happen between Negi and Asuna[maybe Negi can make the first move?]

my friend saw this and i

my friend saw this and i notice
d that the title is "i am writer" i don't go on fourms like this but i was wonderin if this is some kidna new internet slang

or is that a typo haha
could it be your name?

hit me up


KEN!!!WE WANT MORE NEGIMA!So please do at least 200 books.As for Love Hina,why did it get cut off after just 14 books?'Cuz 6 main characters can still make at least 30 books.WE WANT MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!

+1 for more Negima! There's

+1 for more Negima! There's more diversity of relationships in Negima, compared to Love Hina. Regards to romance, Negi's a 10 year old. Any romance would be years away. That said, the strongest romantic contenders are Nodoka (57 points), Yue (56 points), Asuna (56 points), Ayaka (52 points), Makie (51 points), Fie (48 points), Chachamaru (45 points), Setsuna (42 points), Konoka (40 points), Yuuna (39 points), and Chisame.

that other guy is right

that other guy is right there should be MORE love hina maybe a new season man a DO love that show


Man, I love the Love Hina Series. I really think the series was a bit short (the anime and manga) and I wish it could be continued. I mean, it ended happily for Naru and Keitaro, but what about all the other girls? They all fell for Keitaro but nothing ever happened with them. And the 14th volume left ALOT open... what happens to Ema, why does Motoko fear turtles so much, what happens to Shinobu, what's up with Kitsune and her love life, and whatever happens to Naru and Keitaro after they get married?

There are so many things that can be answered in a continuation, I can go on all day. I'm just thirsty for more. And also, the anime ended so abruptly! It pretty much stopped halfway. I'm pretty sure you can do like a zillion episodes regarding the antics of girls.
There is also much to cover regarding Kaolla, Shinobu, and Sara. That's not even mentioning Haruka and grandma Hina's past.

So anyways, I'd go on all day, but I won't. I hope one day there will be a continuation. Even though it's been 6+ years, I remain hopeful that you'll continue this. Heck, I'd help you if you'd let me!

Negima Pactios in Animes

If he makes another anime series of Negima then please focus more on Pactios because afterall Pactios is what drew my attention to Negima until I found out that this series just uses them as a back up for the show.

If he liked Sailor Moon then make the anime look Sailor Moonish in a boyish way! I kind of liked Cardcaptor Sakura so that's why I liked the Pactios. If he focuses the anime a bit more on pactios then voala! Combine Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura and look what you have Negima!

Love Hina & Negi

Man plz make more to those to series because they leave me hungry for more

season 2,3,etc. of love hina please!!!!!!!!

Love hina is almost better then naruto, but naruto goes on and on where as love hina doesn't. Why can't you make some more love hina. i just found out about it like 3 days ago and saw every episode. PLEASE MAKE MORE LOVE HINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND MAKE AN ENGLISH DUB OF IT AS WELL PLEASE.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Vote for " Love hina "

i like love hina to ,the theme of the anime is very good! " Make some more Love hina :( "


I hope that there will be more of a relationship (romance) between Negi and Nodoka :D


i hope there will be more anime episode out for this me and my little bro really love it :D

wnna know sumthing!

where can i find a site that tells about ken akamatsu's personal info and contacts?

I got it

plz reply cause i got hold of his e-mail address, i'm in it for love hina by the way, you?

I think the 'Vertij' story

I think the 'Vertij' story was much more interesting than this, not to mention about the ready made joomla review.

Bring back love hina

Ken, i don't think you understand how much i love "love hina", plz bring it back, i really would like to continue watching it & not only me but the whole world. I live in africa and this is a huge disadvantage because it was only released here this year, but i think i speak for many all over the world, plz bring it back, plz plz, plz, plz, plz. If you think about it, once you bring it back it will be a huge hit because many more people all over the world know it and if it comes back it's rateings will go sky high as most popular anime. At this moment (i recently checked) love hina is listed top 10 animes of all time and it would be really great if it comes back.
Plz complete a little boy's dream by bringing back his favourite anime

I'm gonna write everyday to

I'm gonna write everyday to this to try and enable love hina to come back.
Plz Ken, i understand that we don't know each other on a personal level, as well as most other people writting to you, but i speak for all Love Hina fans when i say that we all want it back

What if

does anybody think that if i wrote him ane-mail directly he would listen, if not somebody tell me what i can do to help

Love Hina/Negima

The Negima story has been althrough Glorius, i Liked it.
But The "Love hina" story and characters moved my heart
so much during the 3 days i spent wathing the Anime.
I don't know why i cry.. because the story was this short??
Or the fact that i read/saw the Anime 7 years after its
creation )': which i regret, (but lol, i was 10 back then.
and i live in Finland where the series debut is later on)
Right now there nothing i wich for more than more of this
humourus, loving and excellent story. Maybe i find myself
in Keitaru Senpai's place right now.
The Colors, the jokes, the characters, make this a
truly strong and emotional PERFECT work of art (:.




Your series

Hey i loved your series, and everyone ofmy friends love your series, we are so thakfull for your work, and we hope you can make or draw some more series, please do, we are fans of you and we are going to borrow and buy EVERY ONE !! =) KEN AKAMTSU ROOCKS !!!!! Love hina, negima and A i love you ROOOOOOCK !!!

bring back negima

negima is an awsome anime show,why is there only 1 season(26 episodes)?? You could do so much more with the story line.....bring back his dad,show negi getting his magic degree,negi's posible love life,add more of the manga storyline in the show like the magic tournament,and evas origin.

Negi grows up

i hope that we can see a grown up negi(physically, like naruto you know)especially after the graduation,maybe season two of the manga(maybe some use of permanent magic but not like the pills in the series.I really love watching the grown up negi with all the girls admiring(though he didn't notice it).

Love Hina

Please Make More Love Hina Eps. Coz. it only has a few eps. and i would like you add the part where naru and keitaro gets married please make another Love Hina Ep. As finale T_T

Love Hina Continuation

I already posted a comment but it was just too short so i would like the manga version be continued i would like to see naru and Keitaro's love life after the wedding Ema what will happen to her Kitsune will she ever find love Haruka What will happen to her relationship to Seta Shinobu will she ever find Some one to love and will motoko be forced to go back home with her sister and further more in the Anime series i would like To see Naru And Keitaro Wed And even seta and Haruka ANd i would like Ema in The Series too

Love Hina Please Come Back With A Bang!!!!!!!!!!

I wish Love Hina Comes Back With Very New Character In both Manga And Anime

Love Hina Manga

ken, if you ever read these sites (i really hope you do, even if they are in english) i hope you know how much loyalty your love hina fanbase has. Let me tell you a story...

when the love hina manga came to the united states, i had never even heard of manga. i just knew anime, and being my naive young self have ever only known of a few anime's (sailor moon, DBZ, etc) that i've only seen in America. my cousin, on the other hand, had a vast knowledge of anime and manga, and one day in may of 2002, he took me to a store in the mall which i usually don't go into that carried manga. being young and at that time getting to "like" girls, the cover of the love hina volume 1 manga instantly captured my attention. there she was, Narusegawa in a cute bikini with those amazing eyes staring at me with that unmistakable smile she has. i picked it up (and at first was about to read the ending because as i have said before, have never heard of manga and did not know it was meant to be read from right to left :P ) and began to read. I was instantly hooked....

fast forward seven years later (up to last week). i haven't watched anime or read a manga for a good 5 years (i had kind of thought i grew out of it) and i was perusing youtube when on the main page, i saw an anime version of narusegawa on the "being watched right now" section. ""hey, she looks familiar" i thought. suddenly, intense memories of me reading volume 1 (the only manga i have ever owned) came flooding back to me and i swear to you, i started laughing joyfully. i couldn't believe that there was a love hina anime! i clicked on it for nostalgic reasons (oddly enough i am a 21 year old college student now, and actually kind of just starting, like keitaro was, so i can identify with the characters) and these rush of emotions overtook me with every familiar face i saw... it took me just 2 days of watching the entire series (mind you, i am a college student now) and although it left me desperately wanting more, i felt surprisingly happy and relieved that i got to relive my past and finish what i started seven years ago... or so i had thought.
suddenly, my interest in the love hina manga was stirred up again (let me remind you, i thought i had grown out of it. the last episode of anime i had seen was the last episode of DBZ a good 5 to 6 years ago.. and my interest stopped there). i began looking at love hina manga scans online (sorry, sorry, i know but like i said i am a college student and money is extremely tight. if i had the funds i would have bought every single volume) and seriously fell in love with the story, its characters, all over again, but this time it seems my passion for love hina was more intense than seven years ago...

i just finished reading chapter 123 yesterday. and let me tell you, ken akamatsu; i cried. i laughed. i literally balled my heart out with tears of joy for a good half hour with such a wide array of different emotions that i have never had for an epic love story such as this. i don't even act like that, not even for a movie, let alone another person!!

hopefully, i am not the only "fan" who feels this way. i swear, i seriously do not hope i am the only one. ken, if you could find it in your heart; if you can feel the love from your fans like how you felt the love from this post (if you ever read it...), would you think making a spin-off or a continuation of the love hina manga? something like short "where are they now?" volumes, or a short continuation of Maeda Ema's time at hinata-sou, (as we were only introduced to her in the epilogue of the the last volume) even a full blown continuation following Naru and Keitaro after their honeymoon (maybe up to the point of where they were ever inclined to start their own family? : ) ) would be such a beautiful gift to the world.

please, Ken Akamatsu, if you ever read this or if anyone who knows him reads this and can contact him, give it a chance. if you do decide to pursue a future love hina saga, i swear i will buy every single love hina manga, anime dvd, and any further continuations of love hina ever made, even if i go broke. i will even give you my home address so you can make sure i purchased them, all if it means you are continuing this amazingly epic love story : )

truly, honestly and sincerely yours,

a fan.