Canned Dogs reports that the online novel Sena★Sena will be adapted into a manga and begin serialization in the December issue of Comic Gum:

The manga will be illustrated by the pixel maritan artist (who also did the art for Fate/Tiger Colosseum)

Sena★Sena was previously introduced here. Also the picture in the post is from the online novel and not the manga, because I like co2a more than I like maritan.

Fujima Blog reports that Negima!? neo by Takuya Fujima, an alternate retelling of Ken Akamatsu's Mahou Sensei Negima!, will stop serialization after the suspension of Comic Bom Bom (a few months ago, Kodansha announced the suspension of Comic Bom Bom). However, the report also mentions that the manga may be moved to a new magazine. Official announcement regarding the manga's future will appear in the last issue of Comic Bom Bom (11/15).

topJump SQ's official website has announced that the Shiki horror fantasy novels by Fuyumi Ono will be adapted into a manga series by Ryu Fujisaki (mangaka of Hoshin Engi). The new manga will start in Jump Square's January 2008 issue (12/4).

The light novel Maid Deka by Yuji Hayami (author) and Kiyotaka Haimura (illustrator) will be adapted into an online manga. The new manga, drawn by Michiko Usami, will begin serialization in FlexComix Blood on October 12, 2007.

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topA new manga titled Kunaiden (クナイ伝) by Tabasa Osato will begin serialization in Weekly Shonen Sunday No.46 (10/17)

A new manga called Welcome Dream Student Council (ようこそ 夢現生徒会) by Yokashin Matsuda will start in Monthly Shonen Champion November issue (10/6).

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topA new manga titled Angel Bank -Dragon Sakura Gaiden- (エンゼルバンク -ドラゴン桜外伝-) by Norifusa Mita will begin serialization in Morning No.45 (10/11).

A new series from Moyoco Anno titled Moonlight Himejion (月光ヒメジオン) will begin serialization in the December issue of Nakayoshi (11/2).

Two new manga, Mahiru no Nagareboshi ☆☆ (まひるの流れ星☆☆) by Iwao Kameme and Fukoumori ~Kyoumo Unhappy!?~ (フコウモリ ~きょうもアンハッピー!?~) by JINCO, will start in the December issue of Ciao.

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During an interview with Detective Conan (also known as Case Closed) mangaka Goushou Aoyama conducted by Sankei Shimbun, the manga artist hinted at the conclusion of the popular shonen detective manga. ANN has a brief translation:

Aoyama gave very few details about the ending for the popular series, saying, "I will not betray the hopes of fans." Volume 59 of the Conan manga will be released in Japan later this month. "I don't feel much pressure," said the author, adding with a laugh, "isn't it more fun just to not feel pressure at all? Instead, I write what feels right to me. I feel lucky that I'm able to do that."

A new serialization titled Saruman 2.0 (サルまん2.0) by Kentaro Takekuma and Aihara Kooji will begin in the December issue of Shogakukan's Ikki (10/25). The original Saruman, more commonly known as Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga, provides useful information and parodies about creating and analyzing manga stories in the manga industry.

Also starting in the same issue is a new manga titled Wired Apartment (ワイヤード マンション) by Fujihiko Hosono, mangaka of Crusher Joe and Gallery Fake.

Source: Ultimatum Tidbits

A new manga titled Hatsukoi Limited (初恋限定) by Mizuki Kawashita, creator of Ichigo 100%, will begin serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump No.44 (10/1).

A new series titled GTR -GREAT TARO REVOLUTION-, drawn by Toda Takanobu, will start in Big Comic Spirits No.44 (10/1).

The official site for Futabasha's seinen manga magazine Manga Action Pizazz has been opened at

Source: Ultimatum Tidbits

Koukoku no Shugosha (Imperial Guards) by Daisuke Sato (author) and Yu Ito (artist) will end in the October issue of Ultra Jump (9/19). Koukoku no Shugosha, based on a novel of the same name, began serialization in July 2004 and was one of the finalists in the 11th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award.

Heisei Democracy reports that the Queen's Blade series will be getting two manga adaptations, one in Kadokawa Shoten's Comp Ace (10/26) by Minasaki Iku, the other in MediaWorks' Dengeki Black Maoh (9/19) by Astroguy II.

Also, volume 6 of Young Animal Island (9/28) will contain a special feature on Kimikiss to promote the upcoming October airing of Kimikiss Pure Rouge.