A new Fist of the North Star side story titled Shirogane no Seija (The Silver Saint) began serialization in issue 39 of Coamix's Comic Bunch (8/24). The new series is illustrated by Yuka Nagate, and follows the story of Toki, a character from Fist of the North Star.

Also, a new manga titled Legion by Fujisawa Yuuki, creator of Metro Survive, began serialization in Akita Shoten's Play Comic No. 17 (8/23).

Source: Ultimatum Tidbits

Moon Phase reports that a new manga titled Moriguchi Orito no Teiou Gaku will begin serialization in the February 2008 issue of Dengeki Daioh (on sale 12/21). The manga will be drawn by Sanada Rin and writtin by Okayu Masaki, author of the light novel Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.


topBack in Febraury, Kadokawa Shoten revealed that the popular seinen manga MPD Psycho, written by Eiji Otsuka and drawn by Sho-u Tajima, will be moved from Shonen Ace to Comic Charge. MPD Psycho resumed serialization with the release of Comic Charge issue 11 (8/22).

Also beginning in Comic Charge issue 11 is Masaaki Nakayama's Maigo Man, a preview of which is available here.

A new series titled Angel High School by Inugami Sukune will begin in the September issue of Sunday GX (8/18), the same issue that Shin Angyo Onshi ended in.

A new manga titled Reisen Shoujo by Souichi Hon began serialization in Manga Action No. 17 (8/21).

On 8/21, Kadokawa Shoten released a special issue of its Monthly Shonen Ace magazine titled Neon Genesis Evangelion Complete Compilation. The special issue contains Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's Evangelion manga, as well as materials from other artists.

Source: Ultimatum Tidbits

topPopular shojo mangaka Mayu Shinjo will be starting a new series titled Midnight???Children in Shueisha's Bessatsu Margaret (Betsuma) September issue (8/11).

Also, Mayu Shinjo announced on her blog that she is now in charge of creating illustrations for the official Gundam SEED/Gundam SEED Destiny mobile website, SEED Club Mobile. Mayu Shinjo used to publish Gundam doujinshi, and now she will be creating official illustrations for the website of the popular mecha series.

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topA new manga from Eiji Nonaka titled Hataki will begin serialization in Kodansha's Evening issue 18, on sale 8/28.

Eiji Nonaka is known for the manga Cromartie High School, which won the 2002 Kodansha Manga Award for Shonen Manga, and was nominated for the 2006 Eisner awards for Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material.

Source: Ikesan from FR-NEO RE

Shueisha has updated Jump Square's official site with more info on the magazine's launch and manga lineup.

Also mentioned on the site is that 3 special Claymore compilation books will be released in September, October and November respectively to celebrate the launch of Jump SQ.

Jump SQ's initial lineup can be found below:

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According to Nekoare Blog, a certain "reliable" source from 2ch is claiming that Hunter X Hunter will resume serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump within the next few months. However, according to Canned Dogs, "it'll stop again after Jump finishes publishing all the chapters that have been drawn so far."

Source: Nekoare Blog

Masahito Soda (capeta creator)'s manga Subaru will resume serialization in Big Comic Spirits No. 36+37 (8/6) under the titled Moon (Subaru ~solitude standing~).

Also, a new manga by Hiromi Morishita titled Yoru, Umi e Kanru Basu will begin serialization in Manga Action issue 16 (8/7).

Source: Ultimatum Tidbits

A new series titled Salaryman Trader Arashi by Mitsuru Sugaya will begin serialization in Comic Gumbo issue 30+31, on sale August 7th. The protagonist of this new manga will be Ishino Arashi, who also appeared in the manga Game Center Arashi by Mitsuru Sugaya, published by Shogakukan over 20 years ago.

Source: Canned Dog

Letters to the Chairman is a service which delivers constructive requests to corporate chairmen in users' stead. If supporters of the request increase, action is taken by letter or by phone. Among the "letters" posted is one written to "The Editor-in-Chief of Shonen Jump", requesting the revival of Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter X Hunter.

The Hunter X Hunter request for the Editor-in Chief of Shonen Jump stands out among a huge list of request-letters directed at restaurants and convenience stores. The HxH letter reads:

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