From Sake-Drenched Postcards comes a special feature titled "Hentai Manga Gears Up for World Exposure," which takes a look at the hentai manga culture. Also included are interviews with various hentai manga artists:

- Manga Artist Interview Series (Part I) - Toshio Maeda
- Manga Artist Interview Series (Part II) - Takeshi Oshima
- Manga Artist Interview Series (Part III) - Rui Hashimoto

imgYu Yu Journal's recent article on sexually explicit content in shoujo manga received a large number of replies from its readers. As a result, the site has published a follow-up article.

According to the article, many readers said the publishers need to be regulated; however, there were some who expressed that adult should also be more concerned about this problem.

A mother of three from Toyama city, who believes that a moral committee for children's magazine is needed, said:

"Children need to know more about the bright side of love, sex and human. We should be more concerned about passing on the right information to children so they grow up to be healthy adults.

Sex education is still not doing its job in some schools and families."

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Journalista points to a post on Same Hat! Same Hat!!, which mentions that Creation Books will be releasing its new erotic-horror manga Beauty Labyrinth of Razors by Jun Hayami in e-book format because no printer was willing to produce the manga due to its extreme content.

Tokyo Sanseisha will be releasing two new adult manga magazines this winter:

November 16th - LOVESPO Comic (ラブスポコミック)
December 16th - Comic International (コミックインターナショナル)

The first issue of Comic choiS! (NSFW), a new bi-monthly adult manga magazine from Akane Shinsha, was released on November 9th.

After weeks of hinting, Icarus Publishing (NSFW) has finally announced three of its new licenses:

- "Elements" by Tanuki Kamogawa
- "Oneechan no Onegai/A Wish of My Sister" by Masahiro Itosugi
- "Onegai Yuri Sensei/Please Miss Yuri" by Syowmaru

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Manga Jouhou translates an article concerning sexually explicit content appearing in shojo manga. While parents are concerned, the publishers respond by saying: "Love is a big theme in shoujo manga. It is impossible to shut out sexual behaviors, as they are an extension of love." and that "in today's society, children understand that rape and perverts exist. Getting to know them from fictional works like manga will help them understand reality. There has yet to be any cases of crime committed because of manga. If parents feel that there is a problem, they should talk to their children about these manga."

The latest blog post from adult manga publisher Icarus Publishing suggests that the company has licensed a yet-to-be-named manga. However, a thumbnail of a portion of the manga cover has been provide as a hint.

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San Diego, California, Thursday, October 19, 2006. JAST USA, the leading publisher of Japanese PC dating-sim games in English, announced the immediate shipping of their newest title, Absolute Obedience. The interactive hardcore game for Windows, intended for adults aged 18 and older, is the second English-translated title for fans of yaoi (yah-OH-ee), meaning aesthetically beautiful male/male themes in Japanese animation, which is the fastest-growing segment of anime sub-culture today.

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The first issue of a new bi-monthly adult manga magazine for men titled Hana Ryou Gakuen Daigaku (link contains adult material) was released by Oaks on 9/16.