According to the cover wrap of Kodomo no Jikan volume 3, the popular moe/loli manga series will be adapted into an anime.

Kodomo no Jikan by Kaworu Watashiya is currently serialized in Futabasha's Comic High!, and is being published in the U.S. by Seven Seas under the name Nymphet.

topKaworu Watashiya's manga Kodomo no Jikan is currently one of the most talked about moe/loli manga in Japan. According to an announcement in Futabasha's manga magazine Comic High! (released on 1/22), the cover wrap of the third volume of Kodomo no Jikan, to be released on 2/10, will contain a major announcement regarding the series.

While the content of the announcement is still being kept a secret by Futabasha, many speculate that the announcement will either be an anime adaption, a live-action adaption, a drama CD adaption, or a video game adaption.

Kodomo no Jikan is currently being published in the U.S. by Seven Seas under the name Nymphet. The first volume will be released in April 2007.

In the world of Moe-education, first there was Moetan (English), then came Moe Economics (Economics), Kabu de Ikou! (Stock Trading), Tsundere Linux (Linux), and most recently Moe X Shogi (Shogi). This month Nihon Bungeisha released a new moe-themed cookbook titled "Love Cook - Maid Cafe in Your Home -". The cookbook contains 126 full-color pages filled with recipes of the most popular foods found in today's maid cafe, such as Mapo Tofu, Beef Curry, Peperonchino (a kind of coffee), and more.

imgIkaros Shobo, known for its many moe-related books such as Moe at Tank School, recently released a new book called Introduction to the Magic of Shogi, a book that teaches its readers how to play shogi through seven cute characters. Although the book is scheduled to go on sale on November 6th, many copies appeared in stores on November 1st.

According to Akiba Blog, a note on the cover of the book:

The amazing content of this book is something that cannot be found in traditional shogi books. Seven beauties transform themselves into shogi pieces to teach you the difficult rules of shogi, how to use each piece effectively, and secret techniques to winning shogi games. You will be able to learn shogi by trying to find out more about the girl you like.

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Combining Moe and education is nothing new. After the success of Moetan (English), educational books featuring cute characters aimed at otaku have become increasingly popular, some examples include Moe Economics (Economics), Kabu de Ikou! (Stock Trading), and Tsundere Linux (Linux). English otaku blog Cardcaptor's Blog recently announced "Moeru Kakuritsu Moekaku," (Budding Probability Moekaku), a guide to probability theory taught by Nagato Yuki from the Suzumiya Haruhi universe:

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Pop (artist of Moetan) will be releasing a new moe/fairy tale-themed calendar in October called "Pop World Calendar 2007", the calendar is being published by Poplar Publishing.

The first issue of a new bi-monthly (Odd months) 4-koma anthology titled Manga 4Koma KINGS Palette willl be released by Ichijinsha on 9/25. The male-oriented magazine will be serializing moe/bishoujo series.

"Moetan 3 ~Return of the Little Witch~" will be released on 7/27. Now you can once again enjoy moe while learning English at the same time.

Not enough moe? Expect two more moe-related products from Eagle Publishing to be released on 6/23.

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From Ikaros Shobo comes a new bishoujo magazine called MC☆Axis. The first issue will be released on 6/20.