topICv2 reports that Seven Seas Entertainment has decided to cancel the publication of Kaworu Watashiya's seinen comedy, Nymphet (Kodomo no Jikan) in the U.S. According to Seven Seas president Jason Deangelis, they have decided it not appropriate Nymphet in the U.S. A full explaination from Jason Deangelis can be found here. Seven Seas editor Adam Arnold also briefly mentions his view on the issue.

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In other related news, AoD reports that LiveJournal has removed a large number of communities and journals related to yaoi, shota, and rape. ANN has the full story.

In more related news, Yahoo! News reports that proposals to execute pedophiles is making headway in the U.S.

ANN posts a letter response from Seven Seas on the delay of Nymphet (Kodomo no Jikan), which has caused major debates online.

According to Seven Seas, instead of censoring the manga, they "decided to delay its release and to have an open dialogue with the large book chains and other vendors [...] and let each of them make the final decision as to whether or not it is appropriate for their stores and their customers -- and then give them the chance to cancel their orders if they wish."

On the 25th of December, a report from the child protection society (the same group mentioned in this article) concluded that "30% of seijin manga (adult manga) contain depiction of sexual intercourse involving children, and juveniles are able to purchase such manga via the internet."

The child protection group, which also serves as the personal advisory group of Metropolitan Police Life Safety Director Yutaka Takehana, points out that the current situation is hurting the "Harmful Book Act," and suggests that measures be taken to prevent the sales of adult manga to juveniles.

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imgJapanese blog Umeboshi Chaduke points out a recent proposal submitted by a certain child protection society, which aims to prevent "evil practices against children." The file submitted proposed plans to deal with products that contain depiction of sexual activities involving children (Lolicon) in Japan.

Yutaka Takehana, the Metropolitan Police Life Safety Director, has given his full support for the implementation of this policy. However, it remains to be seen whether the proposed policies will actually be implemented as part of the child pornography law in Japan.

Below is a brief description of the report (PDF):

1. Current Condition:

  • To manage and reinforce existing child protection laws as much as possible.

2. To promote efforts of independent publishers and content providers:

  • Publishers, stores, bulletin board managers, content providers, etc.:

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