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topThe first issue of Hobby Japan's "new" novel magazine Charano! has been released. A manga adaptation of Kujibiki Yuusha-sama by Shimizu Fumika (author) and Ushiki Yoshitaka (illustrator) began serialization in this issue. The new manga is titled Kujibiki Sisters and is drawn by the same illustrator of the light novel.

Also, the official site of Charano! has opened at


According to Lucky Star's official anime website, a light novel adaptation of Kagami Yoshimizu's 4-panel manga Lucky Star will be released on September 1st under Kadokawa's Sneaker Bunko label. The light novel will be titled Lucky☆Star Lucky☆Star Satsujin Jiken and will be authored by Touka Takei.


topDengeki Online and Ultimatum Talk report that ToraDora! and Ookami to Koushinryou, two light novel series published under MediaWork's Dengeki Bunko label, will be adapted into manga.

ToraDora! will be drawn by Zekkyou and will begin serialization in the September issue of Dengeki Comic Gao! (July 27), while Ookami to Koushinryou will be drawn by Koume Keito and will serialize in Dengeki Maoh starting with the November issue (September 27).


topAccording to Type-Moon's Fate/Zero website, the release date for Fate/Zero volumes 3 and 4 have been pushed back to July/late 2007.

According to the message, volume 4 of Fate/Zero was originally planned for the Summer Comiket. However, it became difficult to satisfactorily finish the volume before the deadline, so the release date has been pushed back to later this year.

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Japanese otaku/doujin shop Toranoana has released the results of its 1st Golden Tiger Award. The Golden Tiger Award is a manga and novel award voted by 127 editors and 90 Toranoana employees. A total of 481 works released between January 2006 - December 2006 were able to enter.

The winner of the grand "Golden Tiger" award went to Kiyohiko Azuma's Yotsuba&!, which received the highest points from votes and sales combined.

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According to Moon Phase, the light novel series Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu by Akiyama Mizuhito (author) and Komatsu Eiji (illustrator) will be adapted to a manga.

The manga is scheduled to start serialization this summer in the seinen magazine Dengeki Maoh, and will be drawn by Kanno Touko.


The monthly novel magazine Novel JAPAN is getting a new title: Charano! (キャラの!). Also, the release date of the magazine will be changed to the 30th of every month (from the 10th of every month).

The first issue of the magazine under the new title Charano! will be out on June 30th, 2007. The new issue will see the debut of a new series, D&D replay (DUNGEONS & DRAGONS replay).

Source: Hobby Japan

According to the latest newsletter from Kodansha BOX, the popular doujin game Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni will be adapted into a novel series. The story will be written by the game's creator Ryuukishi07.

Source: animeOnline

According to Moon Phase, Katayama Kentarou (Author) and Yamamoto Yamato (Illustrator)'s light novel series Kure-nai will be adapted into an anime. Kure-nai is currently published under Shueisha's shounen light novel label Super Dash Bunko.


Alchemist has opened the official website of Shounen Alchemist, a free online magazine that serialized light novels. The first light novel made available on the site is Chiko Chiko BANG! ~Kimagure Dai-ni Shikkoubu~ (ちこちこBANG!~気まぐれ第二執行部~) by Shin Takase. Currently the prologue and the first 2 chapters are available to the public:

- Prologue
- Chapter One
- Chapter Two