It has been confirmed that the blockbuster live-action movie Death Note, directed by Kaneko Shuusuke, and adapted from the 14 million units-selling manga also titled Death Note, will also be released in 8 Asian countries and locations. At the Cannes Film Festival, over 50 film companies, including Western ones, rushed to make offers for it. This includes Hong Kong's own major film distributor, Golden Harvest, who has completed negotiations to distribute it.

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Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes full use of "pop culture" - such as manga, animation and music. Such pop culture is gaining popularity all over the world, and develops a chance for cultural diplomacy.

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This international touring exhibit features historic Japanese manga, with a special emphasis on shojo manga—comic books for girls. The exhibit features 23 renowned shojo manga creators and more than 200 works from World War II to the present. The pieces in this exhibit come together for the first and only time in NYC.

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