Death Note


Konami announces a new Death Note game for DS, to be released in February 2007.


Also from Konami is the Death Note Trading Card Game.

Thought Death Note ended? Behold the 13th volume of Death Note, an official analysis manual - The last "piece" that will help readers discover all the mysteries of Death Note.

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Nihon Terebi will broadcast the first 12 minutes of the Death Note movie late in the night 6 days from June 26th.

The first week box office sales for the first Death Note movie was more than 700,000. Opening in the midst of the World Cup, the movie still managed to show impressive sales, as well as topping the Da Vinci Code two weeks in a row.

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A new Death Note album titled "Death Note Tribute" will be released on 6/21 for 3,059 yen. It will feature an exclusive CD jacket designed by Takeshi Obata, as well as 15 songs from artists such as BUCK-TICK, Kirito, Demon Kogure Kakka (Sir Demon Kogure). Go here for a complete list of songs.

It has been confirmed that the blockbuster live-action movie Death Note, directed by Kaneko Shuusuke, and adapted from the 14 million units-selling manga also titled Death Note, will also be released in 8 Asian countries and locations. At the Cannes Film Festival, over 50 film companies, including Western ones, rushed to make offers for it. This includes Hong Kong's own major film distributor, Golden Harvest, who has completed negotiations to distribute it.

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According to Weekly Shounen Jump's early sales information, Death Note (Story by Tsugumi Ooba, Art by Takeshi Obata) will be ending in Shounen Jump issue 24, on sale May 15th.

Also from the early sales info regarding new Death Note products:

- TV Anime adaption
- Game adaption this winter
- Tribute album will be released in June

For weekly translation of Shounen Jump sales info, visit WeeklyJump.

The release date of Takeshi Obata's Blanc et Noir has been moved from 5/2 to 5/31. The special edition Death Box's release date is still May 2nd.

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Death Note Artbook - Blanc et Noir (5/2)

A press conference for the movie Death Note was held recently. 9 casts attended, including Fujiwara Tatsuya, Matsuyama Ken'ichi, and Seto Asaka. Shinigami Ryuk was also present.

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