Yaoi Suki has announced that it will be interviewing Hinako Takanaga, creator of Challengers, The Tyrant who Fell in Love, and Little Butterfly, during Yaoi Con, and is currently looking for interview questions from its readers.

Also, Broccoli Books has announced its Yaoi Con plans on its blog:

Broccoli Books will be sharing a booth with Aurora Publishing.
Please stop by our booth & pick up some BL manga and other stuff.

Boysenberry Books will have a panel on Sunday too.
Sunday, October 28

We'll make 2 new title announcements.
And hints for more titles to come.

Futami Shobo has launched a new BL bunko label called Charade Pearl Bunko (シャレードパール文庫). The label will be Charade Bunko's sister label (also a BL bunko label by the same publisher).

YaoiSuki's Annual Awards Are Under Way, And Voting Is Open for User's Choice Award!

PORTLAND, ORE. - October 19th, 2007 - Yaoi news and review site YaoiSuki has announced their second annual Yaoi Awards as the lead-in to the site's extensive coverage of Yaoi Con in late October. This year's lofty awards include the "Read On Mute" award for bad dialogue, the "Most Unpronounceable Title" award, and the "Thank God It's Over" award, among other prizes of varying sincerity.

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According to Yaoi Suki, Blu will be raising the price of their manga by 30% in 2008, going from $9.99 to $12.99. According to this forum thread, the price hike starts in 2008.

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From Yaoi Suki comes the annual Yaoi Awards. In '06-'07 Yaoi Awards: Part II, the winners are:

  • Fumi Yoshinaga's Shit-Ton of Titles Award: Hyouta Fujiyama
  • Best Mangaka Whose Best Work is Still Unlicensed: Mika Sadahiro, Under Grand Hotel
  • Best Unlicensed Mangaka: Taishi Zaou
  • Thank God It's Over: La Esperanca

From Yaoi Suki comes the annual Yaoi Awards. In '06-'07 Yaoi Awards: Part I, the winners are:

  • Best Seme: Yuuichi Hajizume, Scandalous Seiryo University
  • Best Uke: Yuuichi Hajizume, Scandalous Seiryo University
  • Couple We'd Break Up: Shirou and Fujimaru, Midaresomenishi
  • Read On Mute: Pleasure Dome

Also announced is a contest in conjunction with this year's Yaoi-Con called Yaoi-Con Bingo.

A preview of Dany&Dany's latest graphic novel, The Lily and the Rose, has been made available by Yaoi Press on Tokyopop's website.

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MangaCast posts a press release from 801 Media, which is celebrating its first anniversary by offering free shipping on all orders over $14 (usually the cost of one book) to all domestic addresses. The press release also contains information on 801 Media's plans at this year's Yaoi Con:

Tomo-chan and 801-chan here celebrating 801 Media Inc.'s 1st Birthday! *teehee* Time sure does fly. Just this time last year we were having our launch party at Yaoi Con. (Those were some good times.)

Yaoi Press has updated its blog a prototype of its recently announced Yaoi Parasol.

Ohzora Shuppan will be launching a new BL novel (light novel) label in September called Citrus Novels (シトラスノベルズ). BL novels to be published under this label include:

Both novels are authored by Ioka Noeru and illustrated by Enoki, and will be released on September 27th. (Note that the obi strip around both novels also mentions the start of the new BL label)

Also, according to Ultimatum Tidbits, Ohzora Shuppans josei manga magazine Bessatsu Harlequin will be relaunched under the title marie.