Yaoi Suki points out a new yaoi manga listed on titled Yakuza In Love. According to the listing, the manga will be published by Deux and will be released in January 2008.

York, Penn. - September 1, 2008 - When Ang Lee brought the world the love story between two cowboys in late 2005 it shocked many people and made others grin happily. The ones with the grins were most likely fans of a Japanese export known as yaoi. Like Brokeback Mountain, yaoi focuses on the romantic and often sexual relationship between two men, but the average reader of yaoi fiction isn't what is first expected. "98% of my readers are heterosexual women ranging in age from 18 to their late 60's," says S. A. Payne, writer of dozens of romantic yaoi style novels and publisher of the upcoming Yaoi Magazine.

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MediaWorks will be releasing a new BL information magazine titled CLaCLa in October. According to MediaWorks, the new magazine is a BL catalog magazine aimed at the fujoshi crowd, and will be covering BL manga and novels. CLaCLa's official blog can be found here.

According to its latest blog post, Broccoli Book's yaoi imprint Boysenberry imprint will have a booth at this year's Yaoi-Con, with Delivery Cupid and Pet on Duty available at the booth.

Also mentioned was a possible cooperation with Aurora Publishing at Yaoi-Con:

Editor Samantha & I had a meeting w/ Aurora Publishing today. Mainly for information exchange & how we can work together at Yaoi Con.

Can't get enough of the yaoi paddles? Worry not, Yaoi Press has revealed that it is currently working with a manufacturer to create the "Yaoi Parasols"! A picture of the Yaoi Parasol can be found here.

According to Yaoi Press:

This is an attempt to create something similar to the success of the yaoi paddles, which are essentially carried around like big signs saying 'I'm a yaoi fan.' The parasols will work the same, and have a hint of gothic lolita mixed in.

They're currently looking for an artist to do the artworks on the Yaoi Parasol.

Otaku Champloo reports that today is Yaoi day:

Today we are celebrating Yaoi no Hi, an otaku holiday derived from the 801 combi that represents 'ya-o-i' in Japanese culture.

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Gynocrat explains in the RUSH Blog how to make your local comic store carry DramaQueen's yaoi magazine RUSH.

MangaCast has a list of all the recent BL licenses from June and 801 Media, based on this post from Tokudane.

Adult publisher Kitty Media is currently looking for an unpaid intern to help proofread uncensored yaoi and moe manga:

I'm Frank and I'm the Managing Editor here at Media Blasters and Kitty Media. I'm looking for someone with really good English language skills to help me with some proofreading. I'd like you to actually come in to the offices and work with me this way we can discuss the stuff you'll be working on.

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The Yaoi Press blog has posted more information on Yaoi Jamboree, the new yaoi themed fan convention taking in Phoenix Arizona on June 20-22:

This is a genre convention, not a corporate show. It will be run similar to Anime conventions everywhere. I consider Yaoi Jamboree to be a cooperative effort among Yaoi Press and other Yaoi/BL publishers in that we will all exhibit, run panels, and have different sponsorship avenues.